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Yes, the big guy sold a bunch of seminar tickets promising things he didn’t deliver. And you’re surprised? Why? Trump University. Really? Normally, when you do something Donald doesn’t like, there’s a verbal outrage that follows. But the Attorney General of New York (Honey Badger) don’t care. He’s filed $40 million in wrongdoing charges.

Donald is a Gemini. It’s true they always often play loose with the facts. It’s opposite truth-loving Sagittarius. He has a pretty easy chart, no focal planets, but squares between Venus/Saturn and Neptune/Jupiter. His Moon is in Sagittarius so he is outspoken. He would tell you like it is. But there’s quite a bit of  evidence it’s the truth as he knows it.

His Predictive Sun currently is sitting on top of Mars. And predictive Mars is conjunct Neptune. The Donald’s going to get angry. And with two negative Mars aspects, he won’t win this suit. If you like a good soap opera, tune in. He gets nasty when he’s mad — think Rosy O’Donnell. Turn about is fair play. Now the spotlight is on him.

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