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As I predicted in my blog “Kim & Kanye,” he’s running his mouth. I don’t have enough space for all the things that he’s said, but here are some of my favorites, “Sometimes not giving a fuck is caring the most.” That’s just mind-blowing stuff. “I am a God” is a song on his latest album. West has likened himself to such creative geniuses as Pablo Picasso, Steve Jobs, Michelangelo, the Beatles and Tiger Woods. He calls himself an intellect that doesn’t read. And we know, how many of those people? Not.

Kim Kardashian adds what to this circus? I don’t hate the Kardashians as much as many people do. They seem like a nice family. But would Paul McCartney want to be a part of that clan? Or even Tiger Woods? As W MAGAZINE points out, “one might expect him [Kanye] to fall for some chicly cerebral French artist rather than a trash-TV queen who epitomizes the kind of branded mass culture he’s rebelling against.” And as much as it’s taboo to talk about fat pregnant women, it’s not classy or healthy for the baby. I’m just waiting to find out that Kim had an 5 1/2 week early cesarean to avoid gaining more weight. She was topping out, and she knew it. And the duck lips. I just can’t get past that lately.

So who is Kanye? He’s a Gemini Sun with Jupiter conjunct giving him a pass where other people would be criticized. His Venus/Mars conjunction makes him wishy-washy on relationships. He likes them when they serve him and couldn’t care less when they don’t. He’s been living in Paris while Kim went through the drudgery of pregnancy. He’s highly ambitious. And I hate to say it but if he can get by this negative predictive Mars conjunct Mercury without completely turning himself into a joke, he, like the Kardashians, will be around for awhile. These two are perfect examples of what not to be — if you want the Universe to love you. Sometimes karmic justice is slow to act.

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