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I wrote this draft on 6/26/11 about Justin Bieber:

“Scorpio rising is, in my opinion, the most difficult rising sign. They don’t listen. Ever. They will sting themselves to death, but not for one moment consider the possibility that you are right and they are wrong. They live by their decisions. They don’t blame anyone else. If you spend any time around them, you will inevitably begin to feel that you don’t count — that you have no effect on them. And you don’t, really. Frustrating is a word you’ll find yourself using. It’s not a good basis for relationships. Right now Justin is making all the right moves. If and when things start to go wrong is when Justin will dig himself a large hole. And charm of his Libra Moon won’t matter any longer. Generally these people push themselves into failure — sting themselves to failure because one wrong decision, without any intervention, leads to another and another. I cannot think of a single Scorpio rising person that hasn’t failed big due to extreme stubbornness.”

Scorpio rising people are generally angry about something. Lately Justin is having trouble with cars (ruled by Mars) and behaving himself. From what I can tell from Justin’s chart –  it wasn’t him at all, but his brilliant manager, Scooter Braun. Another reason it will be difficult to maintain this level of success — he really wasn’t responsible for it. Scooter recognizing his appeal on You Tube went to his house and had him do more “home videos.” He is purely a product of amazing strategy.

Currently Justin has predictive Mars conjunct natal Sun. This can really take a toll on your ego and worse, accidents are possible. Even someone with his level of success will feel the effects of this unproductive energy. Add to that Scorpio rising, Moon square Neptune and Uranus, Pluto in Scorpio and this kid is definitely in danger of spinning out of control. He knows he didn’t really do all that much to deserve his success. And he just isn’t feeling it. How can you define yourself by a marketing campaign?

My advice to Justin is to go to college. Take this money and make something of yourself that you can be proud of. If the entertainment industry can’t live without you, they’ll be here when you get back.

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