On November 13th, there will be a New Moon solar eclipse, 21 Scorpio 57.  Astrologers disagree on the subject of when you will feel the effects of an eclipse, but I find it to be most likely a week before and a week after. I have never seen a good event come from an eclipse. Usually something is lost or eclipsed. It won’t be a major disaster in your life. This is a Moon event, the weakest of the astrological planets. But some pretty annoying things can happen.

Because the eclipse happens in the sign of Scorpio, look for 8th House issues:  other people’s money, sex, love, jealousy, inheritances, but don’t overlook hidden psychological issues that may come to light.

You can use an orb of up to five degrees on either side. Look to Scorpio planets  (17-27 degrees) and Taurus planets (17-27 degrees) or cusps of houses in your natal chart. If you have your time of birth, check the number on the edge of the wheel that divides the chart into houses. That will be the cusp. But if you don’t have your time, put in 12:00 pm and ignore the house cusps. To get a free natal chart click here.

For those of you that know the houses (have your time of birth), you can look at the house where you find the eclipse occurring.

1st House = is you, yourself and your body. A new diet crashes, a haircut goes array, an impression you are trying to make falls flat

2nd House = is your money. You lose your wallet, a check is lost, something valuable is misplaced,

3rd House = is short trips, communications. You have a flat tire, you send an email to the wrong person, something you say is misinterpreted.

4th House = is your family, your home. The roof leaks, you argue with your parents, an important date is forgotten

5th House = is your creativity, your children. A piece of art is damaged, a romance is quickly over, your children disappoint you.

6th House = is your work, your health. You get sick and miss a party, you make a mistake at work, an organizing project gets sidetracked.

7th House = is your partners. A lover’s quarrel, a separation, a partner doesn’t keep a promise.

8th House = is other people’s money, sex, jealousy. You catch your partner doing something secretive, a sexual liaison goes badly, you lose something that belongs to another.

9th House = is higher education, foreigners, the law. You get stopped for speeding, a person of another ethnicity is problematic, you have an issue regarding college.

10th House = is your career, your dominant parent. You don’t get a promotion, your father says no, your reputation suffers.

11th House = is your friends, important people. You count on a favor that doesn’t happen, you show up for an event and you’re the only one there,  a group you belong to disbands.

12th House = is hospitals, prisons and your subconscious. You have a minor injury, your car breaks down and you’re stuck in the house, karma pays you back.

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