Rihanna has a difficult natal chart. No focal planets, but all 10 planets (in astrology, we call the luminaries, Sun and Moon, planets) are squared (the most negative aspect). What this means is that when the predictive planets move they have lots of opportunities to make bad aspects (any natal planet that gets hit can also produce a square). Since predictive planets have a very small (2 degree) orb that won’t always happen. But transiting planets aren’t so picky. Those orbs are much bigger and less discriminating.

But don’t cry for Rihanna. Think Madonna. Her chart is blessed. Rihanna’s natal Jupiter has gone-out-of sign to make a 12 year aspect to her Sun and her Saturn also went out-of-sign to allow Jupiter to make a favorable aspect to it — after the Sun aspect is over. She’s flying until 2020 and beyond, since even then, no unfavorable aspects occur. You know all those opportunities for squares? Many happen during the favorable Jupiter and just get squashed. Oh, they’ll create some little hassles and dramas, all the better for her career, but she’ll make it out with only a few scratches.

Rihanna is a Pisces girl with Moon, Venus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius and Mercury in Aquarius — an interesting mix of signs. Sensitive, energetic, loves to travel and speak about current affairs. No wonder she has more followers on Twitter than any other celebrity.

I was wondering about the Chris Brown thing. He hit her, but it wasn’t at all detrimental to her career. Not with Jupiter protecting her. Karrueche, his other girlfriend, hasn’t got a chance. Rihanna’s going to get what Rihanna wants and that includes Chris Brown. But warning to him. She’ll come out just fine and how many hits (get it hits?) to your career can you take?

Shout out to Rihanna. You’ve got power, Girl. Use it to help others. Don’t waste it on a bunch of silliness. You’re bullet-proof now, but that won’t always be the case.

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