Sunny, this one was supposed to be for you — someone with a red-hot, sizzling positive chart. But it is what it is. Niecy Nash just announced her engagement, she was just on DANCING WITH THE STARS and she is a correspondent for THE INSIDER. How much better does it get?

Actually, it could get better. Her progressed Venus (love) is opposition Jupiter (over-optimism). And it also inconjuncts (150 degrees) her natal Moon (feelings). Soooooo, she’s not choosing to see this situation clearly, the love situation since Venus is love. Her career is doing fine, actually fabulous. But when you find your Venus in a bad aspect, love just will not work out the way you want. It’s actually a good time to just forgo that part of your life, because love hurts.

The transits that are so powerful now are Pluto in Capricorn square her Moon and Uranus (all things sudden). Squares are the worst energy. And then transiting Saturn (in Libra) is conjuncting those same planets. It just creates a level of difficulty.

Niecy is flying around for now, but look for a hard landing in the future. Niecy is a Pisces (known for their ability to see things the way they choose). Her Sun, placed in the 10th House, is creating this amazing career, because she’s a career girl. And she turned 40 this year, so she’s probably looking at the clock. We like her, because her natal Moon is in the charming sign of Libra, but watch out for Libra Moons. Charm and the truth are two different things. Her “jiggly parts” that she talks about, she doesn’t love at all (Neptune square Sun). But she’s very convincing.

Niecy’s focal planet, fixed Mercury, has made it hard to find the right man, because she’s hard to impress. She will tend to force her ideas on others without looking for their feedback. She’s dogmatic — like a dog with a bone. These people tend also to be critical and can lack true warmth. Just from an astrological point-of-view, she told this guy he loves her — without really checking with him. He’s going along with it for whatever reason. Then at some future date, he will wake up and realize it wasn’t his decision and the whole thing collapses. Anyway, that’s my prediction. Primarily, something isn’t right about this relationship. I saw them together on television last night and that thought crossed my mind, briefly. But Niecy’s a natural salesperson and, ultimately, she sold me — just like I think she sold him.

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