I could have saved Meg Whitman $150 million. And that’s just her own ever-so personal money. ¬†Jerry Brown is going to be our next governor because he is in the Enchantment Zone, a Jupiter cycle and California needs a break.

Mr. Brown, an Aries, is one of California’s own and a totally honest, modest person. He has four planets in the 10th House of Career in Taurus, a stellium, making him very Taurus-like — stubborn, rules the 2nd House of Money, steady on his feet with an added dash of Capricorn (the 10th House). Two of those four Taurus planets are Venus and Mars so, again, he hasn’t put a high premium on relationships. It took him time to decide to get married even causing some to question his sexuality. He has no focal planets which means he’s a simple person, but with Moon in Cancer, family is important to him and Pluto conjunct that, he will fight for his family or The State of California with power (Pluto).

We already know he can do the job because he has already been governor from 1975 to 1983. And his father was governor. So he knows what he is doing. Currently he is Attorney General of California.

Meg Whitman is a Leo Sun with three other planets in Leo, a stellium. Pluto conjunct her Sun makes her hunger for power in a Scorpio-like way and Uranus conjunct her Sun makes her volatile in an Aquarius-like way or possibly humanitarian. And Leo’s do truly believe they belong on the throne. Ms. Whitman’s Mars is in the sign of Pisces which is a placement that causes the native to be whimsical and not always moving in a straight direction. Her Mars is in a Grand Water Trine so she does have great insight and perception. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunct recently in high degrees of Pisces was sitting on her Mars giving her false hope since both planets have moved to Aries. She also has no focal planets and a Moon in Cancer.

Meg Whitman is from New York where she also went to school. Her claim to be governor is her ability to run E-Bay. But all corporate people root for corporations, and, as we have seen, Wall Street is not our friend.

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