How few of us even knew she had been married. But reported in the news, she was an abused wife by music producer, Damon Thomas.  Do we believe that?

Kim is a Libra. They don’t like to fight, do everything possible to keep the peace and can be talked into doing things they don’t want to do — because they don’t like to say no. And then there’s that Pisces Moon. These people are totally deluded and feelings, theirs are always in a state of flux, and most of the time they’re wounded.

Her apex mutable Neptune which is squared by her Moon, Jupiter and Venus, also tears down her ego while clouding her perception. Many times she misinterprets the situation and this causes her actions to be inappropriate.

The other apex planet Mars squared by the same planets as her Neptune, gives her the strength to eventually pull herself up and out. She is strong-willed when she finally finds a direction, and she doesn’t lack the courage to make a drastic change. In fact, she can go too far the other direction.

So did he or didn’t he? I say with her personality, she is a perfect candidate for this kind of treatment especially at a very young age.

And when she says it was her mother who talked her into taking it all off for Playboy, yeah, that too. Libra’s try to please everyone.

I’m still wondering, though, about the sex tape. Ray J has claimed all along he didn’t release it. So who did?

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