Astrology can’t take all the credit for this one. While Justin has some amazing transits, he isn’t getting his 15 minutes from a Jupiter progression. Very few 16-year-olds have them. It takes time for the planets to move. Progressions are slow.

In Justin’s chart, all of the planets are within 6 houses. But since I don’t have the time I can’t tell you if they are all above or below the horizon or on the right or left side or somewhere in between. But I do know that are all bunched up. This gives a person direction and focus.

Because his Moon at noon is 1 degree ┬áScorpio, if he was born earlier, he would have Moon in Libra — but still within the six houses. Libra Moon people can charm the stripes off a Zebra. I’m thinking he probably has a Libra Moon due to his extreme popularity. (By the way, if you want to enhance your own popularity, look up Libra Sun, Moon or Rising Sign and act more like that. There’s a reason, these people are so popular. Or watch Joy Behar’s show and notice how she has an opinion, but doesn’t insist everyone agree with her. She is Libra Sun.)

A Libra Moon would give Justin two focal planets cardinal Neptune (the dreamer) and cardinal Uranus (rebellion). In my opinion, having a few focal planets makes you interesting without totally making you crazy. But he could have none of this if his Moon is in Scorpio. This is why it is helpful to have the time of birth.

So back to why Justin is so hot? Starting in 2008, transiting Jupiter moved over his Neptune, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Sun and is just hitting his natal Mercury. Nice. But these are not progressions. So the main reason Justin is so hot is because Justin is just hot and talented and cute and probably Prince Charming.

Isn’t it nice to see someone who deserves being in the spotlight? However, it isn’t all easy. In 2012, Justin will hit a roadblock. And he’s still only 18 years old. Negative cycles are difficult for adults to handle. So we’ll have to wait and see if this fragile Pisces person will be able to navigate through the Hollywood glitter. But for now, he’s worked for his success and deserves every minute of it.

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