You may like him or hate him, but occasionally he says something that’s true. Nasty, but true. And I was thinking, you know, Howard’s right. She’s a definite type, and it will be difficult for her to sustain her career. That’s until I saw her on “The Soup” and realized how funny she is. If she can’t do movies, she could do stand-up. That girl has a lot of poise for someone so young.

And then I took a look at Gabourey Sidibe’s astrology chart. It’s not good. Currently her progressed Mars is in the same sign as her progressed Sun, at the same degree, so they are conjunct. Conjunctions can be good, but not with Mars. It’s just too disruptive. She has it now and will have it many years into the future since they are both progressed signs and will be moving together. She seems to be handling it. Coming up, things get worse. Her progressed Venus (people you love & people that love you) is going to square (the worst energy) her natal Pluto (power, failure & recovery) and her progressed Saturn (work, depression, health). And this will start in six months (approximately because I don’t have her time).

That’s going to be very tough for her to get through and keep up her confidence. Negative cycles are very rough on how you feel about yourself. And when you don’t like yourself, other people pick up on that and don’t want to be around you.

And what’s even more irritating is that Howard Stern will look like he’s right — that it’s her weight keeping her down. This will be a two year cycle, more or less — because progressed Venus will also go on to inconjunct her natal Neptune. It’s a challenge. Maybe she’s up to it. If her Moon is in Pisces, it is the focal planet in her chart making her very sensitive to outside stimuli. That would incline me to say, it would take a miracle.

Howard, has progressed Sun (himself) trine (the best energy) Uranus (TV & radio) for the next four years. So he’s doing fine. And even though it’s a rumor that he would take over “American Idol,” it’s not impossible with his chart. If he wants it, he probably can get it.

Although he’s a very ambitious Capricorn, his focal planet is Cardinal Neptune. Unlike the character he portrays on his radio show, he is the one that is hypersensitive. Neptune people are sponges and pick up everything. With his natal Uranus opposition his Sun, he gets a sarcastic sense-of-humor, but he’s covering up a lot of emotional pain. He’s always on the offensive.

Gabby, who is a Taurus, and Howard would get along great. She can handle him and they both share that special sensitivity gene that allows them to be funny. She should drop everything and run out and do his show and prove to him that she has what it takes. He would respect that. And right now, she would blow Howard away.

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