Are they in love? Definitely. Will it last? Sorry, no.

They got married when Khloe’s Venus (love) trined (good) her Uranus (sudden events) after having a negative aspect for the last few years. Lamar has that great Jupiter thing going on — progressed Mars (energy) conjunct natal Jupiter (good fortune)and progressed Jupiter trine Venus (love).

She’s a Cancer. He’s a Scorpio — both water signs. That’s good. But he’s got that Jupiter focal planet (two planets oppose & the focal planet squares) which makes him believe in cults. And the Kardashian family is sort of cult-like. Right now he thinks being a part of this is great. But by next year, he won’t be quite so much in love with it all. And you know Scorpios. It’s hard to tell what they are thinking,

With Khloe heading for progressed Venus square natal Mars, she is going to become a little unhinged and not so goddess-like. Venus is love and negative Mars is anger. Squares are always energy going wrong. During this kind of a progression, something happens with a loved one. It could be someone else. But Lamar loses his Jupiter aspects and gets Sun (him) opposition Moon (feelings) which is going to make him unhappy. So it looks like the problem is between the two of them.

While cycles come and go, when you are young, you don’t see it that way. With this level of difficulty, I predict they won’t be able to maneuver through it. One year and it’s over.

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