As you are probably aware, Sarah, is at it again — now picking on David Letterman — indirectly calling him a pervert. I’m not his biggest fan, because I’ve always thought he was a little chauvinistic, but he’s no pervert.

Palin’s chart just continues on it’s negative course until December 16th, 2010, when she has progressed Venus square progressed Saturn beginning and continuing for two years. I’ll quote Sophia Mason directly on this aspect. “Not a good time for one seeking re-election to a political position. The public’s opinion of the native is one of cold, detached indifference.”

“This aspect brings a very difficult period of unpopularity, reversals, disapprovals, disappointments and possible separations through marriage or a business partnership.”

Also “…one of the most serious and depressing of the progressed configurations.”

Because this involves Venus, her family will continue to embarrass her.

For those of you who are not her fans, rest assured, she will burn out. And very likely, there is some karmic involvement, because of this playing out in the public. Whatever she has sown, she is now reaping. Originally blogged June 16, 2009 on

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