If Ms. Palin didn’t like the progressed Venus square her Sun, she will definitely not like, he new progressed Mars square. There will be continuing problems with the people she loves in additional to the Mars ripping-the-rug-out-from-under-you effect.

I predicted she would not be governor in the next term, but I didn’t see this coming. To reiterate, she will not hold any public office until after 2013.

Can she write a book or do the lecture circuit? Yes, she can try, but neither should be incredibly successful under these aspects. And she is not going to get away from criticism. It will follow her everywhere.

Her progressed Sun is within six months of squaring her natal nodes which is very bad and very karmic. And with today’s announcement, her progressed Moon is currently squaring them — which would lead me to believe that this is not a comfortable position she has found herself in. The Moon is your emotional well being.

When the whole world seems to be your enemy, retreat and regroup. I don’t think this is the course she will take — not astrologically, just based on her past behavior. Originally blogged July 3, 2009 at gaia.com/xtrology.

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