A friend asked me today what was going on with Governor Mark Sanford.

Easy. He has a Mars progressed square to Uranus. This causes the person who has it to become very argumentative as his energy becomes more and more restless which leads to impulsive behavior.

I don’t do medical astrology and especially not psychological medical astrology so I don’t know if he has mental problems. But this aspect alone could account for his strange behavior at this time. Again, if you are in a negative cycle, do as little as possible so you don’t dig a deep hole you have to crawl out of later.

Also with his natal Venus in Gemini, along with his Sun and Mercury, cheating or lying might just be a part of who he is. Gemini is the sign that is most associated with lying. There are also many good characteristics such as mental agility, the ability to memorize easily, intelligence, ease in communication, etc. But on the negative side, it is lying, deceit, fraud.

Put that together with a negative progressed cycle and what you see happening isn’t that surprising. His astrological chart is just overwhelmed with negative aspects.

I always feel badly for people going through a trying time like this when clearly they are unaware of what is causing it. It happened to me and resulted in my ability to read progressions because nothing else in astrology could account for the extreme negativity I was experiencing.

Even now I have two progressed squares (bad) to my Moon (emotions) so each morning I wake up and realize I have to pull myself together. Not knowing this would make it so much worse. Having this knowledge allows me to do as many things as possible to avoid emotional upsets. It doesn’t last forever and it happens to everyone. So you do what you can to get yourself through it. Most of the time, I’m fine. Every now and then, I’m unhappy. Getting to share my knowledge of astrology — always makes me happy. Try to have the best day you can with whatever stuff you’re experiencing.¬†Originally blogged July 2, 2009 at gaia.com/xtrology.

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