Janet Jackson recently had a baby at the age of 50. And to add to the drama, she’s left the baby’s daddy. He “allowed” her to take the little one on tour, but now he wants custody. And, of course, he’s rich. How’s that going to go?

Janet is a Taurus with her Mars and Mercury there. Taurus is the money sign and also known to be stubborn — like stuck in concrete. So she’s not planning on losing her baby to the baby daddy. What I love, and I’ve said it before, is her Scorpio rising. I know too many of these people. To give you a recent example of mine, a very close friend I’ve known for 15 years called me the other day and told me she wishes my boyfriends would die. No argument. No nothing. She was having a mood. Scorpio rising. They are vicious when activated. All Scorpios are angry. Born angry.

Janet’s Moon and Venus are in Aries, known for its selfishness and anger because it is ruled by Mars. Before Pluto was discovered, Scorpio was ruled by Mars. Get my drift?.

Currently Janet has predictive Mars square Saturn. Not a winner. She is, however, one of the lucky people that had a twelve year Jupiter. It’s just that it’s been over for a year. Twelve years before that life was her oyster. She also has Sun trine Moon and predictive Venus sextile Venus. Sorry but the positive doesn’t outweigh the negative — unless it’s Jupiter. And right now predictive Jupiter is square her predictive Venus. Two squares and you’re cooked. It will be a trying time. This is when you get humble and run away from a fight (because you have an excellent chance of losing).

Little Miss Janet is going to get a dose of what most of us live with. Life is difficult. We know for sure is that a battle is about to begin. And this time, Janet has no magic weapons. Being Janet is not enough this time. We all get Jupiter, but sometimes it’s better than others.

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The girls on THE TALK were dissecting Matt Lauer’s firing today for inappropriate conduct, etc. Many said how good a friend he had been. I’ve been around these guys and let me say this is fake news. Yes, he may seem nice, but the real person isn’t nice at all. When you get to know one of these guys personally, it’s another thing altogether. So I say bah humbug. He’s an asshole all the way with the ability to snow you and anyone else he choses. He cannot keep it together in close interpersonal relationships. All people with personality disorders have two qualities: They are inconsistent and self destructive. A magnificent career in shatters.

Matt is a Capricorn. It starts there. Capricorn is a difficult sign in so many ways. They aren’t born nice especially the men. They are ambitious to a fault. In so many ways, they aren’t civilized. Yes, of course, they can act that way, but inside not so much. There are always the exceptions. But they are exceptions. His Sun as a focal planet lends the element of narcissism and his Neptune gives him a delicate inner ego structure. So to cope he needs outside assurance that he is all that. Truly by himself, without all the fanfare, he doesn’t know who he is and he handles it with no grace. This is not a nice person.

I don’t know what Ann Curry did to him, but I can surmise she was not sufficiently differential. He currently has predictive Mercury (his reputation) square his natal Mars (rough ride). Payback is a bitch.

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For those of you that read my blog, you know that I predicted for Hillary and Trump that their reputations would take a massive hit if they ran for president. Each had Mercury in a negative aspect, and it can ruin your social standing — sometimes without you doing anything. But, obviously, the last thing you should do is invite criticism.

I read an article yesterday that really stopped me in my tracks where it was reported that Bill Clinton hates Hillary’s book. He thinks it’s a massive excuse for why she lost — taking no credit herself. He supposedly threw it in the trash after he marked it up and she ignored him. He also thought the title, WHAT HAPPENED, would lead to people to say “you lost.” Right? And he told her to campaign in the rust belt states (the critical states that caused her to lose electoral votes) and she refused. I believe this because these two people are square to each other — Leo and Scorpio. It hits the fan eventually.

Today Jeff Sessions, the the Attorney General, is considering going after her for the Clinton Foundation and selling a uranium company to Russia. My first thought was that she should have bowed out and made herself scarce — not write a book that drew attention to her. She lost. Excuses are sad. We all have an opinion as to what happened, and Hillary is vulnerable. I would have told her to disappear. This administration is hostile to you and your chart says your reputation is vulnerable. Lay low.

The fatal aspect predictive Mercury square Neptune is all but over. However the predictive Sun is also squaring her Mercury for a little longer and predictive Venus is inconjuncting Mars/Pluto. Just say no, Hillary. Your ego is showing, and it is not a pretty sight.

Donald Trump is meant to be president. The Universe is never wrong. This is us getting spanked for all the lapses in judgment and our endless elitism. If we get away from the blame, which does us no good now, we can concentrate on getting back to being the people we are proud to be. And if we stay stuck on the pettiness, can it actually get worse? Because who thought we’d ever get here?

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I’m hearing rumours that the Trump Administration is considering “firing” Robert Mueller the special counsel looking into the Trump Administration. And I’m wondering what is going on in Mueller’s chart. Can he survive the fortunate Jupiter aspect that Donald Trump is enjoying? Or is his chart too weak to overcome it?

I still give in to the temptation to think in terms of right and wrong. But if you want to know how so much wrong happens, it’s astrology. If the timing is wrong, it doesn’t matter if you’re right. But is there a level of wrong that nothing can prevail against? Normally, a person in positive Jupiter doesn’t do wrong because things are going their way. But the Universe lately is upside down. As a society we’re allowing many wrong things to take place without any check. We’re letting go of our values in favor of hatred and revenge. Understandable? Yes. But will nothing stop it?

Robert Mueller is a Leo with Pluto and Venus there. Pluto next to your Sun adds the element of Scorpio and a need for power and control. We don’t have his time so we don’t know his houses. His Moon is in the kind and compassionate sign of Pisces. And he doesn’t have any focal planets. But remember that Leo likes to win. They have a massive ego to feed. This man is not planning on losing. And let’s face it, Trump is a real estate thug from Queens. There is virtually no chance he hasn’t done something wrong.

So let’s look at what is going on in Mueller’s chart. He had the same Jupiter Trump has not that long ago. Currently he has predictive Sun/Mercury sextile natal Venus. Very positive. And he would still be in Jupiter if a bad aspect had not replaced it as predictive Venus did by squaring natal Venus. So he doesn’t have that protection any longer.

In theory, Trump should win against anyone (except someone else that has his aspect), but here’s my question. Does it matter that he is clearly wrong? Are there any limits as to how Jupiter will protect? My experience has been no — as much as I would like to report that there are methods for dealing with this. So I guess I’m saying if Trump decides to go against Mueller, Trump will win.

We have a lot more Trump in our future. And if that doesn’t suit you, vote!!!

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Okay, I know, the Xtrology method didn’t work last time, but assuming the world rights itself, this is the guy that should win, Gavin Newsom. He has the rhetoric, the looks and the chart. Now, how could that go wrong?

Currently Gavin Newsom is the Lieutenant Governor of California and he’s running for Governor of California in 2018. And he’s going to win. California is California. We’re not crazy yet. The question is can he be president. I say, “Yes!”

Gavin is a Libra Sun with Virgo rising. I like this rising sign, because these people are so smart. They don’t miss anything. His Venus, Uranus and Pluto are also in Virgo. Smart and detailed. His Mars is in global Sagittarius — good for foreign relations and good for immigration. He does have that Capricorn Moon and as a focal planet. So he’s not perfect. But I wonder, is a little meanness in the president a plus. Does he need that? I doubt it, but I’m looking for a good rationalization.

And here’s the ticket, he has predictive Jupiter trine predictive Saturn. And because these are slow moving planets, it will still be there in 2020.

What made me look at him? I was watching “Real Time” with Bill Maher and I saw a person who embodied the part — who made sense. Now that’s a novel idea. Then I found a You Tube where Bill says Gavin should be the next president. And, as I said, he has it all. Donald. No Donald. If Gavin runs, and he might not, he should win.

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You’re at the height of your career and you decide to stop touring. What must be happening to make that happen?

Adele is a Taurus Jupiter conjunct. So she’s luckier than most of us all the time. She’s not worried that when she returns that she’ll be forgotten. She’s confident. Her Moon is in Sagittarius where you can see that see doesn’t suffer fools lightly. She tells it how it is. Mars is in Aquarius. Her weakest personal planet is her Venus in Gemini where it leaves the native worried that love won’t stick around.

And then her predictive Mercury is conjunct her predictive Venus and her natal Venus. So is it more fame she wants? No. She wants to make sure her family is tight. Many of us would go for the career, but we don’t have Sun conjunct Jupiter and the confidence that goes along with that. So she’s secure in her career and not at all at home. So she does what she sees as the smart thing — she cancels the tour and stays home — because she can. She has her priorities straight.

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We all have our day. And Megyn’s is today, tomorrow and the future. She’s a Scorpio. Wouldn’t you know it. I can’t count how many attractive blondes are Scorpion. And Sun conjunct Jupiter natally. Venus also in Scorpio. And Mars in Libra where it’s in its fall. Scorpio/Libra — just don’t piss her off. And a nice Leo/showbiz Moon.

I watched her new show on Sunday — across from 60 MINUTES. It was just so-so. But never you mind. She’ll be fine.

Currently she has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Jupiter and predictive Mars conjunct natal Jupiter. And all is well for her. In the future, her predictive Jupiter will change signs and conjunct Neptune for many years into the future. (Think Kardashian.)

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Kathy Griffin, a successful comedian who likes to push the edge has fallen off a cliff this week. Her latest statement is a picture of herself holding Trump’s severed head. It is also very much the work of the artist, Tyler Shields, who is not getting his fair share of the credit. I saw it. It didn’t move me much. I didn’t like it, but I did remember all the out-of-bounds comments from our president and decided he had lost his right to criticize. But others are more critical including CNN who fired Kathy from her annual New Year’s Eve gig in Times Square. She’s paying a big price for questionable artistic message.

What does her astrology chart say about this? Could it have been avoided? (Well, yes.)

Kathy is a Scorpio, and who but a Scorpio places their entire career in jeopardy over a not-so-funny-joke and a mean one at that. Death rules Scorpio. It’s part of their experience. Her Mercury is also in Scorpio so the devil shows up again. Her Moon is in Gemini making her too smart to make this mistake, but I’ve seen her do it before. She can’t help herself.

Currently Kathy has her predictive Sun square natal Neptune. That means a lie or deception is afoot. Could it be that Kathy didn’t assume she would be out there all by herself to take the heat? She also has her predictive Moon inconjunct her Mercury. That’s one’s reputation. Therefore, this was not the time to do this. Get an astrologer, Kathy. This is what we do. We warn our clients about the timing of their actions. What you can get away with one time, you can’t another. Ever noticed that? Ever wondered why?

I did. It drove me crazy. One day everything is perfect, the next your life is in the toilet. You, however are the same person. You didn’t change in one day. This is what astrology is and specifically what Xtrology is, because Xtrology is the only program that accurately can make these predictions. Hence almost eight years of blogging to prove my theory.

I’m considering doing a Kickstarter. And I’m hoping that some of my readers will be a part of the team that creates a computer program where you can have your predictions printed for less than half what I charge to read you in person. It will be a ton of work, but I really want it to happen since I won’t be around forever to do personal charts. So just throwing this out there right now. Think about it. I’ll need your money and your support — for which you’ll be on the ground floor of this unique system. And, of course, there will be free charts along the way — maybe forever. Have to think about that…

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A suicide bomber killed 22 people and hurt countless others at Manchester Arena in England Monday night just as Ariande Grande’s was finished performing. I was curious. Does this show up in Ariana’s astrology chart? The only connection to her was the venue.

Ariana has a Sun/Mercury in Cancer so she’s a sensitive water girl. Her Moon is in the sign of charming Libra along with Jupiter which gives her an over-the-top personality. Venus in Taurus, it’s ruler. And Mars in Virgo. Two focal planets: Her Moon, she’s sensitive. And her Jupiter, she’s part of a cult or culture. Nothing sensational here.

However, her predictive chart tells an entirely different story. Her predictive Mars is squaring Jupiter. Again in a negative aspect Jupiter takes things too far. But who would have thought that Mars in the 8th would have produced such a dramatic and tragic event? The thing we have to remember is that while it usually won’t, it can. The other two aspects are predictive Neptune/Uranus are opposition Venus (people you love or in this case her fans).

So no doubt about it, Ariana is devastated. It does affect her, much like it happened to her. This is a very negative chart with an unusual result. She will find it difficult to be back on stage. She won’t forget what happened to her fans. It happened to her, too.

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John Ossoff, who is he? He’s running for the House of Representatives on June 20th in Georgia as a Democrat. I like him. He’s an Aquarius with Mercury in Pisces (he’ll hear you). His Moon is in Libra so he is charming enough, even while denouncing Trump, for people to listen, and his Mars is in its own sign of Aries which makes his energy effective. He has two focal planets: Venus which means he isn’t as secure as he pretends to be and Neptune so he can sometimes want things that really aren’t possible — he’s a dreamer.

But better than all that he has his predictive Sun sitting on Jupiter so he can win. And in another 5 years, he gets Jupiter again. When people are in these good cycles, they can get things in the government done. Trump is in a bad cycle and as you can see nothing is happening. It’s going to be young people like John who get the swamp drained — that is if he can keep up with the alligators Trump is adding day-by-day. This guy is smoking. Watch for him to do something important.

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