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It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and it’s right here in his astrology chart.

Charlie Sheen, former star of TWO AND A HALF MEN and current star of ANGER MANAGEMENT, author of the phrase ‘winning’ when he really wasn’t, possessor of a natal chart with Jupiter in the 2nd House of Money, has Sun, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Note the Sun/Pluto connection. His Moon is in the mouthy sign of Sagittarius. His Venus is in Libra, its rulership, and his Mars is in the dark sign that rules all things sexual, Scorpio. It’s conjunct Neptune which rules drugs.

Charlie also has six focal planets, Saturn (ambition), Moon (super-sensitive), Pluto (right and wrong and, of course, death), Uranus (a distinct lack of caring what other people think), the Sun (ego) and Jupiter (likes to be part of a sub-culture). Six, that’s too many to manage for most people. Too much to get up in the morning and calm down the anxiety of. Some people use drugs. Meditation is the real answer.

When Charlie heard the AIDS diagnosis (four years ago) he had predictive Mars (rips your life apart) conjunct (negative because Mars is a negative planet) predictive Venus (people you love, I guess literally). It points to the fact he got it from someone. Now Charlie has that same predictive Mars square his Uranus going on to square his Pluto. Okay that’s bad news and the reason you may not want to see an astrologer. But here’s why it’s important. It could have been predicted ahead of time, and it tells Charlie that he must take this seriously or he’ll be dead. It’s that bad. But it’s not a death sentence. That would be if Charlie continues his wicked ways. It’s a warning as clear as the Universe can make it. Time to use the other method of dealing with all those focal planets — time to get spiritual.

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I just did a blog on Gwen Stefani’s relationship with Blake Shelton calling it a rebound, because she is seriously hurt over the situation with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. I was curious. Who is this guy?

Gavin Rossdale is a Scorpio Sun/Mercury/Neptune. Neptune conjuncting your Sun can definitely be indicative of a liar. Neptune rules deceit. And then when Scorpio is already one of the most difficult signs due to its ruler, Pluto, he also has Scorpio rising — one of or the most difficult rising signs. You may recall some of my red flags — a Capricorn Moon is one. And Gavin has this most unhappy placement for the Moon. He also has the passive/aggressive and I-don-give-shit conjunction of Mars/Venus.

Difficult? Gavin Rossdale wrote the book. I’m more curious why she didn’t leave him before 13 years. He had to be a real dictator with all the controlling Scorpio. Also I’m guessing this isn’t the first time he’s cheated. With passive/aggressive Libra touching Mars, he isn’t supportive of her career. Gwen was working her ass off to make this dude happy, while creating an extraordinary career for herself and her kids. I don’t like him. Not at all.

Currently he has predictive Sun opposition predictive Jupiter which means he may not do that well financially in the divorce. I’ve heard he didn’t ask for much from her. I would be expecting to see something with his Mercury with all this bad publicity and there it is, predictive Mercury is sitting on his karmic nodes. He also has predictive Mars inconjunct that same predictive Jupiter. Neither of these two people are going to be happy for awhile.

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Just recently we’re told that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are hooking up — both having been very recently divorced. How real is this? Is it a publicity stunt or just rebound or real?

Gwen is a Libra with her Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus there. Uranus conjunct your Sun makes you very Aquarian. Her Moon is in its rulership in Cancer and her Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Her Venus is in Virgo. Her focal planets because of the Moon/Mars opposition are Sun (center of the Universe), Jupiter (cultish in her case cartoon-like appearance — not in a negative way I think she’s quite beautiful, but who dresses like that?) and Uranus (changeable to the extreme and likes things out-of-the ordinary).

Blake is a Gemini (which trines Libra as it is also an air sign) with his Mercury/Venus in the same sign. Venus in Gemini or any air sign has huge issues with trust. His Moon is in Pisces (square his Sun) so he’s super sensitive. His focal planets are Moon (super super sensitive), Mars (a bulldozer) and Saturn (ambition).

Rumor has it that his former wife, Miranda Lambert, cheated on him. I know if she did that’s the reason for the divorce. Blake can’t handle emotional betrayal. Are these two a good couple?

Looking to the future, she has predictive Mars square predictive Venus and trine her Sun. That’s a mixed message, but it leans towards being challenging. And Blake has his predictive Mercury/Moon inconjunct his natal Moon. That’s not so bad, but coming up is predictive Mercury square natal Jupiter and predictive Venus square natal Jupiter. The real problem his predictive Sun is about to conjunct predictive Saturn. So he’s in for a bit of a negative cycle which never speaks well for new relationships.

I would say this won’t be too much more than a fling and a good time. As a couple, they aren’t that bad together. But I think the timing is off and overall, he’s too sensitive for her. And his reputation might get a little trashed in the interim. He’s too country. She’s too rock-n-roll.

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This one, well, you decide. Have you been listening to Leah Remini? I’m thinking she’s telling the truth about her dealings with Scientology which she recounts in her book, TROUBLEMAKER. She sounds so honest. But here’s the rub. Her astrology chart says something entirely different. Who are you to believe?

Leah is a Gemini with Mercury there in it’s rulership. Sagittarius is all about open mouth, stick in foot. We’re too honest. We can be rude or even hurtful due to our inability to censor ourselves. With Gemini opposition Sagittarius, you get the opposite characteristics. Gemini’s can and do often lie. Not all of them, but if you’re dealing with Gemini, it’s a characteristic you should be aware of.

Leah also has a Scorpio Moon in its fall. The Moon doesn’t operate well in this sign. Scorpio Moon people are jealous, manipulating, controlling and vindictive. And then Neptune, the planet associated with lying and deceit is conjunct her Moon which is another clue to whether or not a person is telling the truth. Neptune aspecting your Sun, Mercury or Moon?

And she has a Venus/Mars conjunction. Venus, Libra and the 7th House are all the same. One is the sign, one the planet and one the house. So Venus conjunct Mars is exactly like Mars in Libra — in its detriment. Again, doesn’t work well here. It’s a very passive/aggressive placement. For me, Leah doesn’t sound passive/aggressive at all. She sounds aggressive which is much healthier. The other way you get someone smiling to your face and stabbing you in the back. Although Leah admits to having done this within her religion.

Her current predictive aspects are predictive Mercury (communications) square (worst aspect) Neptune (lies). This is an indication you are lying. Or it could be someone lying about you and destroying your reputation (also Mercury). This is currently ending. Her other predictive aspect is predictive Sun conjuncting predictive Mars. When the Sun and Mars get together, your ego suffers. And its not going to be the best time in your life. And this lasts longer than normal for her, because they are both planets in motion and they move together. That makes it difficult for them to get away from each other.

Is Leah’s ego suffering or is she doing what Charlie Sheen did — taking a bad situation and fighting back against it? You tell me, because I’m confused. What she is saying sounds very believable and yet, astrology, for sure, doesn’t lie.

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After her husband’s recent overdose and subsequent hospitalization, Khloe Kardashian has made a statement that while she plans to see him through his rehabilitation, they’re not back as a couple — and may never be. It’s a will-see situation. And, you won’t be surprised to know that’s exactly what her astrology chart says. Keep in mind that these two had a very short courtship. You’ll see why later.

Khloe is a Cancer with her Mercury and Venus there also. Her Mars and Saturn are trine these planets in Scorpio where her husband’s Sun is. That means that her Mars is conjunct is Sun. One of the things you want to take note of in a relationship is the placement of your partner’s Mars in your chart. Because if it’s square to your Sun, you will argue. In this case it is conjunct. But still it creates some conflict in the relationship. The two people will be at odds regarding something. Her Moon is in Gemini.

Currently the only aspect in her predictive chart is her Moon which is square both natal and predictive Saturn. This is the shortest aspect in predictive work — lasting only three months. Saturn is health. In this case it is not hers, but her husband’s. What I find most interesting is that her transiting Saturn is on her karmic Nodes. So this situation, if you believe in this and I do, is from another lifetime. This is a debt she owes to him. She knows it. And she is willingly paying it off. However, once paid off, this relationship will take on another life altogether. It may possibly end their partnership. It will feel like there is a finality.

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Yes, astrology can tell you when you’re going to die — rather it can tell you if you could. The right aspects must be there, but I have found, more importantly, you need to be ready to die. I have seen people live on horrible, destructive aspects. And I have seen people die on the most fortunate of all — the positive Jupiter aspects. Let’s look at Lamar Odom who famous for his basketball prowess and his Kardashian marriage to Khloe. Currently, he is in the hospital in a drug-related coma.

Lamar is a Scorpio Sun with Uranus. His Moon is in cool Gemini, Venus in friendly Sagittarius and Mars in show-off Leo. His focal planets (the result of two planets opposing with a third squaring both — the focal planet) are Saturn which makes him highly ambitious (so he didn’t mind being part of the Kardashians and the TV show) and Jupiter which makes him like to be part of a group — ditto.

Currently he has predictive Neptune conjunct his predictive Sun. This is why it is important to know that Neptune is malefic. Because in a conjunction it can go either way. So this is not a good aspect and Neptune is drugs — always (Pisces, Neptune, 12th House all the same thing). However he has something unexpected. He has predictive Mars conjunct predictive Jupiter. Jupiter is the only planet that can override negative aspects. So this is the positive Jupiter aspect I was talking about.

Lamar should not die on a positive Jupiter aspect — unless and this is a big unless — he wants to. Because you will get what you want in Jupiter. I would imagine someone in his position who appears to be throwing an amazing life away over addiction is very unhappy. If ever one can fix a negative, it would be during a positive Jupiter. So that isn’t happening. He wants to die? He may be giving up. I hope not.

For a death to occur, Pluto has to be involved. Transiting Pluto is within seven degrees of a square to his his natal Pluto. That’s a little further out than one might expect. So his death, which seems inevitable at this time, may take a period of time. Or not. Astrology is not exact. Things happen within a framework. He is on the outer edges of that framework. Astrology does not demand death. That is a free will decision. Astrology does tell you when it is most likely to occur or when you are vulnerable. Nothing can kill Lamar now except Lamar. Let’s hope it’s not too late for him to change his mind — likely it is.

UPDATE: November 19, 2015 – ‘There are no promises, but if he’s willing to do the work — I know the speech therapy, or the occupational therapy, or just all the cognitive stuff I’m sure it’s really hard for him and frustrating — but if he’s willing to do it, I don’t see why not. But it will take at least a year.’ Khloe Kardashian

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3325464/Khloe-Kardashian-reveals-told-Lamar-four-hours-live.html#ixzz3rxYSvap G Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

‘There are no promises, but if he’s willing to do the work — I know the speech therapy, or the occupational therapy, or just all the cognitive stuff I’m sure it’s really hard for him and frustrating — but if he’s willing to do it, I don’t see why not. But it will take at least a year.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3325464/Khloe-Kardashian-reveals-told-Lamar-four-hours-live.html#ixzz3rxYSvapG Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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The most handsome couple in Hollywood is getting married. They won’t say when. It’s supposed to be quite a celebration. But it’s Hollywood. Is it possible Sophia Vegara and Joe Manganiello aren’t the perfect couple? Or could they be the perfect couple and this is not the perfect time to get married?

Sophia is a Cancer lady with her Moon there also. Her Venus is in Gemini, a slightly chilly placement — not all that sexual. Her Mars and Mercury are in the entertainment sign of Leo. So that fits. She has one focal planet, Pluto, so she’s all about the right and wrong. I can see that in her.

Joe, on the other hand, is a Capricorn opposition Cancer, but I find they can be the other half to each other. The problem lies with his Moon in Aries, it squares Sophia’s Sun and Moon. Oops. And it also squares his Sun and Mercury which can make him a little cranky. His Venus is also in a cold and untrusting sign, Aquarius but it trines her Venus. He has four focal planets which means he’s a bit complicated. He has Venus (nobody loves me), Uranus (I like things my own quirky way), Saturn (highly ambitious) and Jupiter (part of a cult or culture like the movies). Nothing so terrible here. Every couple has some issues.

What concerns me is Sophia’s predictive chart. She has predictive Venus (love and marriage) square (worst of all the angles) her natal Uranus (divorce). And her predictive Pluto (right and wrong) has gone out of sign and it’s square her natal Jupiter (money). Joe is still riding high on a Jupiter period. So all is right with his world. And apparently he’s being smart enough to go along with want she wants for now. But seriously, these are not the best aspects for a marriage. And it brings up the point that Sophia might find this a good career move, because she should not be in the mood for marriage right now.

How will this play itself out? I give it three years tops. By then he’ll have a negative aspect. I know. They’re pretty. We want this to work out. Right?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be the new Donald Trump on CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. And your thoughts on this? I think Arnold has alienated himself with a lot of woman — you know the thing about having a baby with the housekeeper. Not many women are on board with that. But more important, what is in his astrology chart?

Arnold is a Leo with his Pluto and Saturn there. Pluto conjunct your Sun is always about control. And Saturn conjunct your Sun is ambition. And wouldn’t you know it? He has his Moon in Capricorn. Not a very nice placement, because Capricorn is too remote and solitary for the Moon. And don’t forget that little saying that woman always take these men down. They always reach for women in high places (Maria is a Kennedy you know) and the woman win. It took Maria many years, but her reputation stands strong and his is tainted in everyone else’s mind except, perhaps, his own. His Venus/Mercury are in Cancer so his family is important to him. And Mars is in Gemini so he’s no dummy intellectually.

But now to what is going on in his chart presently. He currently has predictive Mercury square his Sun. That’s his reputation and it will follow him to APPRENTICE. He’s not going to be that popular with the audience. His indiscretions will follow him. He also has his predictive Mars inconjunct his Moon so he’s not a great mood, and that will affect his performance. He has some good aspects underneath that could help, predictive Sun sextile Pluto and predictive Venus trine Mars. But I still think he will flop more than not. And he could get fired! Oh, but doesn’t he do the firing?

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A new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Virgo might just remind you that exercise is part of being healthy. It may cause you to think about your health, possibly through a event that “eclipses” you — takes away your health. I just got a summer cold in the 100 degree heat. That’s what eclipses do. They take away to point out certain defects in your current situation. I used a homeopathic “cure” and it did relieve me of my symptoms making it much easier to manage. So I will always have this medicine on hand. You may have a similar result. At the last minute (eclipse) you may realize you don’t fit in your swimsuit. Again, you’re unhappy, it’s not the end of the world, but you make a promise to yourself to do better in the future.

Here’s hoping you use this eclipse to stop smoking, start taking vitamins or as I mentioned earlier — just get in more exercise — any act that makes you healthier.

And don’t forget pets which are ruled by Virgo. Check on them. Make sure they are taken care of.

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Five years ago. Yes, I made the prediction in 2010 that Jennifer Aniston would get married to Justin Theroux — finally. There’s been talk of it forever and the rumor in Hollywood is that the hold-up is the pre-nup…

Here’s what I wrote March 23, 2010: “Will she get married again? One time in your life when you will find someone you like enough to marry is when your progressed Sun conjuncts your Venus or vice versa. For Jennifer Aniston that will be Christmas 2013. Right now she has her progressed Sun opposition her Jupiter, so before she gets there, she has to get past a time when her popularity could take a hit. And her progressed Venus (love) is conjunct her progressed Saturn (restrictions) — so note to the tabloids, probably not going to happen now.”

So guess what? She still has her progressed/predictive Sun conjunct her natal Venus. The Sun is the only planet that moves at a given rate of speed and that is two years. So she just slid in under the two year rule. I predicted December 2013. She got married August 2015. Most people will act early into the aspect. But if there are obstacles, well, that’s what is meant by free will. She should have gotten married earlier but she chose to wait. And still she did it within the predicted time period. Good for her. Because if you are reluctant to marry, this time should push you to do it. And it also guarantees a certain amount of success, because you’re playing by the rules of the Universe. Congratulations!

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