Does anyone remember what it takes to raise a child? Does anyone think that is easy? Or inexpensive? And didn’t she turn out to be a lovely girl? He must have done something right. Why is Thomas Markle getting slaughtered by the media? How would you feel if your daughter won the lottery and did not include you. Or would rather not want know you now that her life has changed for the better. Is he acting so badly? Do we only identify with the princess and not with the person left behind?

Thomas Markle is a Cancer — the most sensitive of the signs with a strong emphasis on family — the house that it rules. His Moon is also in Cancer and conjunct Saturn which is like having your Moon in Capricorn. Okay, Moon in Capricorn. This is why we look at astrology charts. Because now I’m like that’s a cranky and unpleasant Moon but also an extremely charming one. Am I being fooled? Because yeah, I think I am. There’s more here than I can see. I have Capricorn Moon friends and, you need to keep your eye on them. I know this is a big blanket statement, but they can turn on a dime. So his relationship with Meghan is complicated — more than one can determine with an astrology chart.

Thomas Markel currently has his predictive Sun square his natal Moon so he is in a lot of emotional pain. He is human. He has feelings. And he is her father. But no one but them knows exactly what has transpired. Possibly this is payback. All I’m sure of is that he is suffering despite all his bravado.

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She’s fabulous, she’s talented, and she’s super rich. But Serena Williams is being used by a man and that would be her new husband, Alexis Ohanian. How do I know? It’s in her astrology. It’s always there. Never ever get married without an astrology reading. Because this could happen.

I’m looking at Serena’s chart and nothing too bad is going on. However her progressed Moon is squaring her huge stellium in Libra — her Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. It’s just the PMoon which lasts 2 1/2 months, but times 5 — so it’s not your usual Moon aspect. Serena’s depressed. Yes, the baby is making her happy, but something else is not. And what would that be?

Her new husband is Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, has a chart that does not indicate marriage. Not at all. People with this chart just would not be in the mood for fun and games. He has progressed Mars recently having conjuncted his Sun. This aspect indicates people that are going through a major ego crisis. And it is my understanding Reddit is having some serious problems. But that’s not all, also he has progressed Mars opposition Uranus and Jupiter. Now that’s three super-serious aspects that mean no kidding around, problems here. Would he be thinking love and marriage and children or would he be thinking, how do I get myself out of this? You know which one.

I know that Serena and Alexis have an air-tight pre-nup, but that doesn’t mean she can’t choose to invest in his flagging company. Or just that he hopes that she will. Is he out of options? Is this marriage for love? I am very concerned for Serena. And want my opinion? She’s concerned too. That’s why she didn’t win Wimbledon. That’s why her tennis is suffering.

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This is a good one. We’re all feeling like this great girl, Demi Lovato, is in trouble and we wish her the best. She is not in trouble. She may have overdosed, but the severity of this (who stays in the hospital for an overdose?) is highly exaggerated. Her whole identity is that she is the sober singer struggling with addiction. Nope.

I get the fact that to stay relevant in Hollywood, you have to have a hook. Well, this is hers. When I ran her chart to see what was going on, I was expecting the worst. No, not at all. I’m very surprised she would have a drug overdose in this period. And maybe she did, but the outlets that won’t leave her alone — she has publicists working overtime. If you’re using her as your inspiration to stay sober, pick someone who isn’t lying about some or all of it.

Demi is a Leo, the sign of show business. Her Mercury, same place. Her Moon is in the sign of Taurus where it is exalted. Her Venus in Mercury and Mars in Gemini. She does have a Grand Square and they are difficult with five planets there. She’s egotistical, ambitious, sensitive, verbally abusive and all about right and wrong. Verbally abusive? Does that surprise you? It does me. And Wilmer Valderrama how does he fit in?

Currently she is just recovering from a very, super positive Jupiter period and getting ready to go into another. And this overdose thing is publicity regardless of what portion of it is true. And it’s going to work. Prepare to buy her next album or song. Sober? She’s playing you.

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Oh, I’m loving this. The handwriting is on the wall. Speaking of hands, I cut the end of one of my fingers and it’s still difficult to type. Anyway they’re going to do a spin-off of “Roseanne” called “The Conners.” The lead apparently has a swift death And if you watched the finale, Roseanne was having surgery on her knee. Very convenient.

Did anyone but me notice that Darlene (Sara Gilbert) was very prominent in the last episodes? She is one of the producers of the show and apparently it was her idea to resurrect it. Too much Darlene for me. And didn’t we all think that Darlene was gay? The new Darlene came home with two children. Again, I’m thinking to keep the focus on her — and her family. But it doesn’t suit her. She’s not much of an actress, and it shows when she is actually acting. But who cares what I think? What does her astrology chart say?

Tom Arnold gave an interesting interpretation of what went down with Roseanne. He was married to her. He thought that she killed the show because she was not the center of attention — Sara was — since she is producing and the storylines favored her. If you know anyone mentally ill (Roseanne has admitted to being bi-polar) they just mess with everything. It is very hard to keep happiness in your life when dealing someone challenged in this area. They handle their anxiety by being destructive.

Sara currently has predictive Mars sitting on her natal Sun. So she is going to cause friction in a big way. I would bet that Scorpio Rosanne and Aquarius Sara didn’t get along. Those two signs are square and annoy each other. Plus Sara has every chance of attracting violent interaction at this time. I looked at Roseanne’s chart before the show began and decided there wasn’t enough to write a blog on and not enough to destroy the show (because believe it or not, it was mentioned before the show started). It is my opinion, Sara took down Roseanne by tripping off Roseanne’s health issues. And Sara isn’t sorry. She can barely keep from smiling. Sara had to put up with a boss she clearly didn’t like all those years and she has wrestled the show away from her and pretty much destroyed her in the process. Watching this show go on without her, Roseanne will have another breakdown — most likely.

Sara is sneaky Cancer rising. This is a very difficult rising sign with so many challenges. And one of the big ones is being jealous of lives other than your own. The cold Aquarians are the ones with Venus also in Aquarius like Sara. Pluto is her focal planet i.e. revenge.

So the question is, will the new show work? There are a lot of charts (a lot of people) involved, but if Sara takes over the storylines and keeps the focus on herself (the worst thing she could do), it will fail. The definition of Mars conjunct the Sun is your ego takes a hit — a really super hit that will be difficult to recover from. If Sara is feeling like she won. That would only feed into the negativity of this aspect. It won’t let her win. If she has some humility? No, I say she doesn’t have any.

Here is what I would have advised Sara. Keep Roseanne (I know she didn’t fire her, but…) and let Roseanne be a racist and deal with it on the show. We keep pushing racism into the closet when we need to force this ugliness into the open and deal with it. Let it hurt her granddaughter (on the show). Let people see just how much pain is involved — how many people’s lives have been destroyed and continue to be destroyed.

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Roseanne, the show, that just had a reboot to uproarious ratings, just got cancelled. Over what? Well, Roseanne on her personal twitter made a comment, “muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes just had a baby=VF” — meaning Valerie Jarret. Are you offended enough to cancel an entire show and put hundreds of people out of work — not to mention those of us that liked to watch it? While it is tone deaf and way out-of-line and especially not funny, did anyone ask Valerie how she felt. Because, for me, it was so silly, I wouldn’t have given it much thought. People on Twitter are haters. I would have blown it off.

Roseanne has in her chart predictive Mercury square Venus. I had looked at this prior because I believe I heard there was tension on the set. But I decided it wasn’t bad enough to warrant the whole show getting cancelled. My mistake. I’m still a little shocked. Are you?

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I started this post after Kanye made the remark about 400 years of slavery. I totally agree with him. In 400 years, you can’t decide that it’s enough? The country has to go to war (not that that was the real reason) instead of you rebelling against the white people that own you — more of you than of them — for 400 years. I state this unequivocally. If someone is doing something to you for a long length of time and you have time to understand it, and you do nothing, you are complicit.

But guess what? I chickened out. I have a learned black friend I wanted to ask, but she had dictated to me that I was not to contact her as she would be traveling. Your phone travels with you, bitch. I did not understand, but followed her directions. They were clearly meant to be followed. No exceptions.

Today I heard the anchors talking on Access Hollywood that a white woman had been picked by Kendrick Lamar to go onstage and was supposed to sing his lyrics, and he could say nigger and she couldn’t. So a black man is telling a while woman what to say. Where is her 1st Amendment? And then he, on stage, called her out and embarrassed her. And he won the Pulitzer Prize? No criticism?

Next AH discussed the NFL decision that the black players that “take a knee” during the National Anthem would now have to stand or stay in the locker room. All this while wearing their work uniform on work time.

So in both instances black people are dictating to white people what they should do — actually in all three. While screaming about the 1st Amendment. And we, clearly, don’t have to do it, but the liberal ones of us have been so beaten down and we’re so afraid of being called racist, we comply.

I say this. There is no reason a white person cannot use the word nigger especially if we are not using it in a derogatory way. Why in the world couldn’t we?

While you work for an employer, you follow his rules. After work, you can crawl around on your knees. But during work, he has the legal right to decide to your conduct — especially in regard to the National Anthem! White wrote it. It’s a white written anthem. Would black people let us mess with their anthem. Do we have white awards? What kind of criticism would that cause?

And to my friend, I want to say I felt manipulated. That’s how I felt. Very much so.

And to everyone reading this. This is how we got Trump. So many whites are sick of the unwritten policy that we can’t criticize blacks without backlash, we don’t. But we secretly vote. Our country is coming apart. So I said what I think. Out in the open. You can disagree with me. You might even be able to change my mind. I won’t edit your comments. I welcome them. What is really going on here? Could I be right?

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Melania Trump just had a minor kidney surgery (not that any surgery is minor) but assuming we are not being lied to, this is. And her astrology chart confirms that the surgery was not of major importance. We see it here as her predictive Moon, which can only make two month aspects, conjuncting her Uranus (a surprise). So it appears to be a short medical stay. Now does it say anything about kidneys? Recently Melania had Venus (which is kidneys ruled by Libra) square Pluto (death) — so something serious with kidneys fits. Except that is over. But this is interesting. Plastic surgery is also ruled by Libra, the 7th House of Beauty. So there’s that.

Melania who has a stellium Taurus: Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus (four planets in Taurus) is handling being First Lady as well as anyone could. And this from me who has great criticism for the Trump administration. She is laying low — advice I often give — but seldom advice that people take. She also has a Capricorn Moon, of which I’ve written tons. And Mars in the always thinking Gemini.

Louis Hay who is renown for her ability to put diseases to the mental state that causes them says that kidneys have to do with criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and acting like a child. Sounds more like Trump than her. The theory behind this is that Melania instead of verbally criticizing her husband is taking it out on herself as an illness — the mind/body connection — the body speaks for the mind. If…

In Melania’s future, we will see her predictive Mercury opposing her natal Neptune. This is her reputation squared to (negative) Neptune (lying). Now what would she be lying to us about? It might mean that we don’t believe the reason she has given us for surgery. Her reputation will be questioned. And worst of all — that her looks mean more to her than being First Lady. Well, let’s hope that isn’t the case.

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Some people are thinking that Kanye West is crazy and some think that he is drumming up publicity for his next project. You can’t tell personality disorders from an astrology chart, but you can see personalities difficulties that could mean disorders.

Kanye is a Gemini Sun/Jupiter — that fortunate combination that adds luck all through your life. His Mercury is in Taurus, Moon in Pisces and Venus/Mars conjunct in Taurus. This last aspect can mean the sexuality can go many various ways and the mother thing. And it lends that passive/aggressive quality — not great — definitely something to consider when you partner with someone. Oh, and Cancer rising. Still I wouldn’t say his chart confirms his diagnosis. The Moon as a focal planet does mean things bother him — a lot — even too much.

Currently Kanye has predictive Mercury just conjuncting his predictive Saturn. And ironically his predictive Sun is sextile his natal Mercury. Whatever is going on with Kanye, we’re going to see more of it and likely the negative will win out. My advice to him is lay low — work on your music. But Kanye won’t take my suggestion or anyone else’s. So you’ll be seeing more of his stuff. And conclusions will come with that. I’m voting for crazy.

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Normally, we do what our chart tells us to do — even without knowing it. Astrology is a force — an energy. So why would someone get married when their chart says no? Ask Gwyneth Paltrow, because she’s lost her mind. Or more likely, she has a reason that’s not about being in love. Not only is she Libra stellium, three planets are in Libra’s House, the 7th. She doesn’t like being alone.

Marriage is interesting. You simply must marry for the right reasons for it to work. And that is that you cannot imagine your life without that person. Gwyneth is Libra Sun, Mercury (Gemini), Uranus (Aquarius) and Pluto (Scorpio). This configuration is very complicated since each planet influences the other three. Also she has a Gemini Moon conjunct Saturn (same as a Capricorn Moon) made worse by the fact it squares her Libra planets by sign. I do want to mention her Jupiter in the 10th House because she hasn’t done much film work lately and yet her web site, Goop, is making her wealthy.

So without even looking at her potential husband’s chart, I can tell you she has predictive Mercury opposing her natal Moon. Coming up is predictive Venus conjunct the malefic planet, Uranus — also the divorce planet and her predictive Sun? Just about to square natal Venus. Consult Xtrology, Gwyneth. This is going to be expensive and embarrassing.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child this morning. We don’t have a name yet — perhaps two or three days from now. The little one is a Taurus with Venus conjunct — a sign of beauty. I’ll bet this is the prettiest of their children. He has a very royal, as Leo denotes royalty in astrology, Moon which is the focal planet of his chart — so, sensitive. That seems like a nice characteristic in the chart of someone who can change the world. His Mercury is Aries. He will be more outspoken than you might think a Taurus would be. And finally an exalted Mars in the sign of Capricorn. He can get things done. A very lovely chart for this young man.

If there is anything that I would say is his Achilles’ Heel, it would be Cancer as his ascendant. Do you remember I believe the rising sign brings out the worst qualities of the sign? And the negative signs in these placements do seem negative where normally it’s simply the opposite of positive — not a judgement call at all. Cancer rising can be lazy and envious of others. They’re emotional (goes along with the Leo focal planet). He will talk about his feelings. But they also have a great love of family and the traditions that go with it. Sentimental? Yes, that too. It’s a little hard to imagine, but self-pity thrives in this placement. I’ve seen it in the most unlikely of circumstances. And let’s just round this out with a tendency towards over indulgence.

He’s not perfect. But seriously, this is a good solid astrology chart with many many blessings. It will be up to his parents how self-indulgent he becomes. So much of it is your parents and the lessons you learn from them. With the new succession rules and a majority of his planets in the 10th House of Career, he has a real opportunity to be king after his father and grandfather. Simply a beautiful baby with an amazing life ahead.

Congratulations to Kate and William!!!

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