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Five years ago. Yes, I made the prediction in 2010 that Jennifer Aniston would get married to Justin Theroux — finally. There’s been talk of it forever and the rumor in Hollywood is that the hold-up is the pre-nup…

Here’s what I wrote March 23, 2010: “Will she get married again? One time in your life when you will find someone you like enough to marry is when your progressed Sun conjuncts your Venus or vice versa. For Jennifer Aniston that will be Christmas 2013. Right now she has her progressed Sun opposition her Jupiter, so before she gets there, she has to get past a time when her popularity could take a hit. And her progressed Venus (love) is conjunct her progressed Saturn (restrictions) — so note to the tabloids, probably not going to happen now.”

So guess what? She still has her progressed/predictive Sun conjunct her natal Venus. The Sun is the only planet that moves at a given rate of speed and that is two years. So she just slid in under the two year rule. I predicted December 2013. She got married August 2015. Most people will act early into the aspect. But if there are obstacles, well, that’s what is meant by free will. She should have gotten married earlier but she chose to wait. And still she did it within the predicted time period. Good for her. Because if you are reluctant to marry, this time should push you to do it. And it also guarantees a certain amount of success, because you’re playing by the rules of the Universe. Congratulations!

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The question is, can you see a death in the spouse’s chart? Can you see Frank Gifford’s death in Kathie Lee’s chart? Of course, you can. Let me show you how…

Kathie Lee is a huge Leo with her Sun, Pluto, Mars and Mercury in that sign. Think she needs some attention? Her Moon is in the sign of Scorpio in it’s fall. Touchy. Touchy. And her Venus is in Cancer. So she does love, love, loves her family.

At the time of Frank’s death, Kathie’s predictive Mars (you know, that mean old Mars) is square (the worst of the geometric aspects) her Jupiter. So this is a puzzle to me. Jupiter in a square is money problems or usually over-doing of some kind. I don’t know much about her or his private life — so what is going on here? Is she away from home too much? Is she overworking for the money? My guess is that it is something like that. Frank felt he was yesterday’s news, and combined with his age, he just gave it up.

But how will Kathie take his passing? Nobody has a good time with a Mars square. They are the worst. The events that happen are traumatic. So even if she was ignoring him and concentrating on herself — even if this Mars square caused her to go inwards, she did not want to lose him. And she is devastated. So like her or don’t like her. This is a very sad time for this family. May Frank Gifford rest in peace.

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Donald Trump is running for president and he’s making quite a splash with his outspoken rhetoric. However, it’s always the astrology chart that determines whether or not his opinions register long enough to put him as the Republic candidate.

Donald is a Gemini with Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer. He has no focal planets. He’s a fairly simple and have-you-noticed straight forward guy. He has a big trine to his Sun and Uranus from Jupiter, the relating planet, so he relates. He gets it. He can understand your problems as well as his. But that same Jupiter is square to Mercury (the communication planet), and the Cancer planets. Mars in Leo makes him want the spotlight. Nothing really wrong here.

However, during the election in November of 2016 and up to the election, he has his predictive Mars squaring Mercury (remember that natal Mercury that is square by Jupiter, the planet of overdoing). And he has predictive Mercury conjunct Pluto. So with this negative Mercury in his chart, he will overstep. He will say more than anyone can handle. Yes, he is running #1 in the Republican polls, but it is early. And he’s said some pretty provocative things including that he would put Eric Holder, Hillary and Bill in jail. He’s taking no prisoners, but I say that he’s off to a too good start that will finish before he gets where he wants to go.

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Mark Cuban, ” I don’t care what his actual positions are,” Cuban wrote. “I don’t care if he says the wrong thing. He says what’s on his mind. He gives honest answers rather than prepared answers. This is more important than anything any candidate has done in years.”

UPDATE: “An extraordinary account of a private conversation between the two men also emerged on political website POLITICO. Stone told friends on Saturday [8/8/15] that Trump is ‘losing his grip on reality,’ claims the site . And that ‘he has these yes-men around him. And now he’s living in a parallel world.”


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Miranda Lambert is a Scorpio, and, seriously, don’t mess with Scorpios! That tail will sting you. Actually she has four planets in Scorpio so she has a stellium. But her Moon is in nasty old Capricorn (The Moon doesn’t like Capricorn). And here’s a Sandra Bullock move and how it could get nasty. Capricorn, likely, she won’t do it in public. But behind the scenes, Blake Shelton, her now husband, will feel the pain. With this Scorpio/Capricorn combo, she won’t go down easily. In a lot of ways, she’s too much for him to handle. Cheating men often are weak men. Kick them to the corner.

And then there’s the fact, she’s in positive Jupiter. Notice all those awards she’s been getting? This is her time and no one is going to get in her way.

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Problem child, Brandi Glanville, just got herself fired from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” along with Kim Richards (See “#RHOBH Getting Mean”) and Yolanda Foster who is suffering from Lyme Disease. And it’s not very difficult to see why this girl attracts negative attention — and why she loves it.

Brandi is a Scorpio Sun so already we know she is a secretive water sign who gets her feelings hurt a lot more than she ever admits. She also has the dreaded Mars in Libra, the most passive/aggressive combo of all. But adding to that her Venus and Mars are in the same sign, making that Mars have Venus (i.e. more Libra qualities) and really kicking in her complete devotion to getting back at anyone who thinks about crossing her. Two more Libra signs are her Uranus and her Pluto. So that makes Mars conjunct Uranus/Pluto. Anger with a flair for the unexpected. With her Moon in Aquarius, not a bad Moon really, but it squares her Sun so when she was born, something was dreadfully wrong and most likely she wasn’t wanted on some level — obviously not her fault, but her still her karma.

With her Mercury in Sagittarius, she runs her mouth and Neptune right next to it — lies abound. And there you have it, trouble. It’s just not her nature to get along. Things are never right with her. She basically doesn’t really like anyone. She thinks everyone has it better than she does (and will regardless of the circumstances and isn’t there always someone?). She’s cranky, and she’s staying that way.

But all that might make for good reality TV if it were not for the fact for the last couple of years her predictive Sun (her) has squared (bad) Pluto (power). Someone in power, I’m guessing Lisa Vanderpump was the driving force behind her exit. Maybe someone at Bravo, too. But the powers that be, kicked her to the corner — just because they could — and because she didn’t consult Xtrology who would have advised tremendous caution at this juncture in her career. She was thinking stirring it up would keep her employed and, no, not with these aspects. You can’t mess with people more powerful than you under these influences. Sometimes you just have to shut up. What works in one instance, doesn’t work in another.

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The gossip magazines and sites are all over #JenniferGarner and #BenAffleck and the state of their marriage. What does #Xtrology think?

In astrology, Ben’s a Leo. Jen’s an Aries. Both fire signs. Okay. But I wasn’t expecting this. Both have Cancer rising — which is good and bad. Good because they both have it. Bad because Cancer rising is the most complaining, unhappy rising sign ever. Remember that the rising sign tends to blow up the negative qualities of the sign.

Jen has a Mars/Venus conjunction which is the same thing as Mars in Libra (because Venus is Libra’s ruler) and overall isn’t the happiest person in relationships in general. These people run hot and cold. And there are two more signs in Gemini (creating a stellium) the Moon and Saturn which also gives her the equivalent of a Capricorn Moon (because Saturn rules Capricorn). And her Cancer rising squares her Sun — which gives yet another push/pull aura to her personality. You can’t tell it by looking at her, but she’s a pill.

So Ben with his focal planet, Mars, wants things his own way. And with a Scorpio Moon, well, now you have two people with the worst two Moons — Moon in Capricorn in its detriment and Moon in Scorpio in its fall. All the characteristics associated with these two signs do not work for the Moon. They’re there but in a bad way. I’m thinking “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” for real.

Currently Jen has predictive Venus (love) square (the worst) natal Mercury (her reputation). She’s totally not happy with this situation but doesn’t want her reputation besmirched. And she has her predictive Sun conjunct predictive Saturn. She’s feeling completely restricted by a relationship that she has always had mixed feelings about — just in general. She’s in a sort of personal prison, and she’s hating it.

Ben, by his career victories of late, we know is not in negative aspects. He just doesn’t like being told what to do. He is tired of trying to placate Jen. People think he just does what he wants, but in fact, he does try. She’s very hard to please. Ben also has his predictive Venus about to conjunct his Sun in the very near future.

So here’s my advice to Jen. If you want to keep this guy, back down. That Venus (love) aspect coming up can be someone else. This is when people too quickly assume it’s the other person that’s causing their unhappiness. Sweet Jen is not all that sweet. Not when you have to live with her. Ben’s no picnic, but, I swear, he’s trying.

They may break up, because they aren’t the easiest people to live with. Neither of them is great at relationships. But I don’t think they should. Remember the marriage counseling in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Uh huh. Before they blow the house down.

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Bruce Jenner, Olympic champion, has come out as his alter-ego, Caitlin, after he killed a woman by driving his Escalade (with an attached trailer carrying an off-the-road vehicle) while smoking and following her too close. He rear-ended her car and spun her into oncoming traffic where she ultimately died. And, by the way, lied about it.

Have we all lost any sense of decency? Does Kim Howe’s life no longer count? Can you kill someone and then be on the cover of “Vanity Fair” four months later like nothing happened? Bruce wasn’t charged with a criminal action despite the fact what he did was careless and reckless. And there is a very good chance he won’t get civilly sued since this woman had no close relatives, and Bruce’s, now Caitlyn’s, lawyers are pushing for a dismissal.

Bruce claims he has always gender identified as a woman. I don’t applaud him for pretending to be be someone he’s wasn’t for 67 years, but I do applaud him for his recent honesty. He is what he is. No shame in that. I’m no expert, but I’m very informed on the subject of transgender. And no one is more liberal than me. When I moved into my apartment in Hollywood, the girl across the hall was a transgender alcoholic and the girl next to me was a cross-dressing heroin addict. Still, you’re not hurting anyone, you can do what you want. Both of these women were my friends — close friends.

But here’s the rub. I don’t know any truly happy transgendered women, and I know many more than the two I mentioned. One of my best friends is transgender. She is the source of much of my information. And she’s making it work, however, she’s was a pioneer and did it when she was very young. And she’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She would never describe herself as courageous.

Bruce Jenner has a Scorpio Sun. Scorpio rules all the sexual organs. And his Sun is squared by two opposing planets, the Moon (his feelings) and Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler and a control freak). There’s no darker, deeper more intense sign than Scorpio. When the
Sun is a focal planet, you’re a little narcissistic or even a lot. Is Scorpio the most likely sign to be gender dysmorphic? Not necessarily. Not in itself. Bruce/Caitlyn also has Scorpio rising so that’s a lot of Scorpio and it’s accompanying darkness. His Venus is square Saturn which creates a role player which now makes a lot of sense. Venus also squaring Mars? These are the two sexual planets — square, the ideal love and physical love get separated. Jupiter is the relating principle so if it gets squared in the natal chart, the person will not relate honestly. It means there never was much communication with his wife/wives.

Persons diagnosed, according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 4th edition (DSM-IV), with gender identity disorder (GID) suffer from strong, persistent discomfort between biological sex and experienced/expressed gender, with significant impairment in interpersonal, familial, social, professional, and other important areas of functioning. In DSM-V [2], in order to avoid stigma and to describe the stressed state of gender nonconformity, the diagnostic name is replaced with “gender dysphoria.”

The DSM-V is the bible for psychologists and psychiatrists. But just as important is my experience. And it is this. Becoming a woman does not magically fix your problems. Quite the contrary. Transgender women rarely want to cook, have a family, sew or even clean house — things heterosexual women enjoy. No, transgender women are almost entirely caught up in looking like a woman — the hair, the nails, the makeup, the clothes and having sex as a woman. They’re not out there baking pies for the PTA. Most/many have drug issues, for the simple reason, the hormones are never right. You’re messing with nature.

So here’s my question, is this a fetish or a personality disorder or is it completely normal like the media is currently portraying it? And here’s my prediction. Caitlyn is doing this during some really negative aspects — the same ones that caused the fatal car accident — was that a warning of mammoth proportions? Her predictive Mars (shreds any false structures/cars/surgery/among other things) is square (the most negative aspect) Uranus (accidents, the unexpected). Both these planets are malefic. The timing worries me.

Caitlyn is going to enjoy the attention, because Caitlyn loves attention. And then the attention will be over. Caitlyn will be a old woman who doesn’t really have anything to show for being a woman — other than a closet full of expensive clothes. The hormones will never be right, the sexual assignment surgery works pretty well, but not perfectly, and her family will continue to love her, but they will grow up and move on — especially after The Kardashians are no longer important either. Every dog as his day. Some last longer than others. But the ones that last forever are built on integrity and spiritual values.

Bruce Jenner should have told the world who he really is. And he should have been accepted for who he really is. But is that “Vanity Fair” cover going to encourage other confused children to strive for enough plastic surgery to fool Mother Nature? Is that a good message? Is Caitlyn accepting herself or is she doing the exact opposite?

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I was reading an excerpt from “The National Enquirer” about Jessica Simpson. It made me recall a blog I did about her January 12, 2013 where I suggest strongly that she had some terrible astrology aspects. Here’s the article:

Whoa! This is a negative chart. How on earth will this play out? Has anyone ever dodged a bullet this big? I’ve never seen it. Negative aspects produce negative events. Jessica Simpson should fasten her seatbelt.

This is a sensitive, family-oriented Cancer girl. Mercury conjunct her Sun. Her Moon in Gemini (smart) conjunct Venus, (cold and untrusting) (neither of these feeling planets is particularly happy with chilly and analytical Gemini). Mars in Virgo, very precise. Mutable Jupiter is a focal planet. You would normally expect her to be the member of a cult rather than becoming her own cult, but somewhere in there is a culture she identifies with. Mutable Saturn also a focal planet. No surprise here, she’s ambitious. And focal planet Mutable Mars? She’s a bulldozer. None of this particularly bad. A little hedging on the truth at times — Neptune opposition Moon. But I’m a fan.

A lot of good fortune has been given to Jessica. So what happens when the Universe hands her a tricky hand? Lets start with predictive Mars square natal Sun/Mercury. The worst of the predictive aspects. It usually has a very negative effect on your sense of self — your ego. Also with Mercury also involved, bad publicity. There’s been a little of that with the Weight Watcher’s ads. Not that much, though. Mars is the shredder. Also predictive Mars conjunct Pluto. Three predictive Mars aspects? I would be in the closet crying.

Coming (another year) is predictive Sun square Uranus. It’s going to be a big surprise. And sitting on her Nodes? Karma. No reason at all to think it’s positive. Is the Universe waiting for the big package. Not usually. And I do believe I have her correct chart. Houses involved? The 1st (herself), the 3rd (communications, brother & sisters, short trips), the 4th (family), the 12th (secrets, karma). There is that little rumor about her father being gay. Is her empire crumbling from the inside out? Given the extreme negativity of these aspects, I would be concerned someone is going to die. Transiting Pluto is not in orb yet of an opposition to her Sun. But it will be in a little more than a year.

My advice to all around her? Behave. Dangerous behavior is ill-advised at this time. If Jessica can out-maneuver this, we all need to drink HER Kool Aid.

Here’s what the Enquirer had to say:

Physically, Jess is struggling and close to having a full-on breakdown! Her support system is falling apart too, because she’s on the outs with her parents and her sister, and constantly fighting with Eric,” said a Simpson family insider. Even Jessica’s children 2-year daughter, Maxwell, and 1-year-old son, Ace are suffering, explained the source.

Jessica relies on the prescription drug Adderall to keep her weight at a rail-thin 92 pounds, according to reports. Even though sources close to Jessica insister it’s “not true” that she swashes the two substances, other insiders suggested she routinely guzzles alcohol, including her favorite hard liquor, Scotch.

Jess has weird fits and tantrums,” the source said. “One minute she’ll be staring off in to space like a zombie, and the next she’ll jump up and start screaming, ranting and raving about how screwed up and dysfunctional her family is I’ve seen Jess go from sobbing and crying, to laughing hysterically in the span of 15 minutes. Her moods are unpredictable and scary.

I don’t believe everything in “The National Enquirer, but I do believe Xtrology. So, yes, something along these lines should be happening. Jess has currently predictive Sun square natal Uranus — very unpredictable and negative energy, predictive Mars square natal Mercury — your reputation getting ruined on some level and her predictive Sun sitting on her nodes — the Universe says it’s payback time.

No one is so special or rich that they don’t get the same nasty aspects as the rest of us. But my heart goes out to her. These are not easy times.

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I was watching DWTS last night, and there’s no doubt Rumor Willis has come alive. She danced like a dream in a take off on “Swan Lake.” It was mesmerizing. So, of course, she is in the fortunate Jupiter period using the Xtrology method of prediction. And there’s a really good chance (unless some else has it, too) she will win the whole thing.

But here’s what I thought was even more interesting. She was called out for being ugly at a young age. I think she’s unusual looking, but never would I call her ugly. Frankly there are much uglier people out there. So I started to dig. Why did this happen to her?

Rumer is a Leo (love of the limelight) with a rare Grand Cardinal square. And because her natal Mercury is in Virgo as it made it’s progression, it moved to (the next sign) Libra where it would square Neptune/Venus and then oppose Mars. This would start when she was nineteen years old until the middle of 2012 and last until she was twenty-three. Mercury I’m finding more and more is your reputation. Squared by Neptune the information will be wrong. Squared by Venus you won’t be seen as beautiful. And opposed by Mars, well, it gets nasty and mean.

But how fortunes change! Rumer now has predictive Venus sextiling Jupiter and the beauty inside her (all along) has a chance to show itself. The lesson is whatever your current demons are, those, too, will pass.

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This really makes me mad. There are ten doctors, tied to corporate interests, who are trying to remove Dr. Oz from the faculty of Columbia University because of his support of alternative medicine and the labeling of GMO’s. Where do I start? Freedom of speech? Un-American? Unethical? Which, by the way, they are calling him.

Dr. Oz is a Gemini with Venus conjunct. And with Mars as a focal planet, he’s going to shove it down your throats for your own good!

Right now his chart is okay, but in one year, his predictive Mars will square Pluto. Not good at all. Someone around him could die. Mars (in a negative aspect) always calls for your life to be shaken and stirred. Help support the riddance of The Dark Act which will allow the federal government to tell states how to label food i.e. no GMO labeling!!! We need to get this done fast. On his site, sign his petition. You can still eat GMO’s, you’ll just know they’re in there.

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