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No water signs except her Pluto. She’s not that sensitive. Don’t go to her when you have a problem. It’s not like gentle Pisces. Quite the opposite. Joan Rivers is a Gemini with Mercury and Venus in these cool air signs. Three planets in Virgo (in her Sixth — workaholic) square all her Gemini planets and her Sagittarius Moon giving her three focal planets:  Mars the bulldozer, Jupiter the cultist, and Neptune seeing things however you please.

The biting, what some people call, wit. That would be her Sagittarius Moon — cuts all the way with no mercy. And intelligence? She has an abundance of that. Great memory, too.

Today, the real question is, is she going to die? Nope. Not today. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Mars trining her natal Pluto. And her predictive Moon is square the Sun (the shortest of the predictive aspects). It’s not enough to kill the old bag. I say that in her honor!

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I have a client/friend who is all up into Magi Astrology. But I didn’t have time to thoroughly check it out — until today when I noticed it on, Robert Camp’s site for his book, “Destiny Cards.” I  know his system of prediction as Sacred Symbols dating back to the Egyptian period. And I use it in addition to astrology because it definitely has merit.  Robert Camp has written the definitive book. I totally recommend it. However, I also noticed some affiliation with Magi Astrology on his site. I do not know what  the connection is to him, but it made me curious if this system of prediction works.

Magi brags they are “the world’s largest and wealthiest astrological organization.” Their example to prove their theory is the night Monica Lewinsky first had sexual contact with Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, at the time. Magi Astrology has some cute terminology that I wish I had thought of. But here’s the problem. According to them, Monica was in a double Cinderella period that night. Didn’t Cinderella live happily ever after?

Monica is a Leo with Venus also in Leo and two natal focal planets (a square planet to two opposing planets) her Moon in Taurus (which is fixed so that as the focal planet the feelings are overly sensitive — despite its exaltation in Taurus  – but held in). The second focal planet is Mercury defined as someone who isn’t in touch with what motivates them and a very critical nature. Mercury is your reputation so in a negative aspect, it is slander and gossip — among the other things it rules.

The night in question Monica had predictive Venus (using Xtrology’s method of prediction based on secondary progressions — for sure not the largest or wealthiest) sextile (good) her natal Mercury. Any positive aspect to Venus will cause a person to fall in love. And she did.

Unfortunately, her natal Saturn had gone out-of-sign to square predictive and natal Pluto from the 9th House of  Law to the 12th House of Karma. Ouch! This aspect will last a long time. Her predictive Mercury was opposition predictive Jupiter– things getting overblown, and, again, Jupiter AKA the 9th House of Law.  Her predictive Mars was inconjunct natal Pluto — two planets that can create havoc. If that wasn’t scary enough, the transiting Neptune and Uranus were opposition her natal Mercury keeping in mind natal Mercury is already problematic. Her little Venus aspect didn’t stand a chance.

But you decide. Is this Cinderella times two or is this a nightmare to infinity?

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It’s just been announced song bird Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are getting a divorce. They’re been married since 2008 and have fraternal twins, Moroccan and Monroe. The gossip says that Mariah is over Nick’s many entertainment gigs that take him away from the family — when money is not much of a point due to her vast wealth.

Mariah is being a complete bitch. She’s an Aries, childish and insecure, with Mercury and Venus there. No focal planets. Moon in forthright Sagittarius. Mars in determined Taurus. Nick is a laid back Libra with Moon conjunct. It is most likely that Mariah’s Cancer rising (assuming I have the correct date and apparently there are mixed reports) is causing Nick to grate on her nerves. Square energy (90 degrees) does that. Sun to Sun they are fine, but other things in a chart can cause descent.

But here’s the rub. Nick’s astrology chart is taking off.  He has good naturedly put up with a lot of criticism regarding his much more successful wife, but tides do turn. This is an example of that. Mariah is wickedly close to being an old hag and Nick’s career is taking flight. A word to Mariah. He’s a valuable asset. Don’t push him away right now or do so at your own peril.

Mariah has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Mars. She’s cranky. Nick has out-of-sign Jupiter conjunct his Saturn for another 3 years — career zooming.  Also Venus conjunct his Sun. He’s in love with someone. I surmise it might not be Mariah due to her current harsh temperament. And his predictive Mars is conjunct Neptune so he’s fast and loose with the truth due to his passive/aggressive (Libra) nature and lack of skill dealing with anger.

Yes, they’re getting a divorce. It’s a mistake for Mariah. Money does not buy you happiness. Your man being successful?  Oh yeah.

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UPDATE:  ”Nick Cannon is the one who decided to bail on his marriage — not Mariah – sources connected with the couple tell TMZ. Nick has made it clear to all involved … he’s deeply concerned about Mariah’s emotional state and is ending the marriage for the well being of their kids. He believes the environment around Mariah is toxic and fears for his kids.” This is just a bad aspect. But when it’s happening to you, you feel like the whole world is against you. And sometimes you’re right. Spiritual people handle it better than others and people that have me as their astrologer, of course! Read more:


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Robin Williams, the brilliant actor, who starred in “Good Will Hunting,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Awakenings” died today from suicide. So what brings a person to this tragic ending?

Robin Williams was a sensitive Cancer Sun with Mars and Uranus there, too. He had three focal planets:  Sun (narcissistic tendencies), Mars (uber determined) and Uranus (marching to his own drummer). The thing that killed him? His also sensitive water sign Pisces Moon. With Pisces in the first five personal planets, addiction is a strong possibility. Pisces’ planet is Neptune, and it rules all chemicals. It’s also the escapist sign. And Robin had battled addiction.

We’ve all been there — thinking that life is not worth living. But Robin had been there since 2007 with one of the most difficult aspects in the Xtrology method of prediction. He had predictive Mars (rips your life/ego into little pieces) sitting on his natal and then his predictive Pluto (death). It had actually passed but stayed on to conjunct his natal Mercury — so it wasn’t over. And it is the nastiest planet in predictive astrology. I wish he had known that the darkness would not last another year. Life would have lightened up. It would not have seemed so hopeless. It was a huge karmic trial — a long ordeal. He was so close. Rest in peace.

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Charlize Theron, (“A Million Ways to Die in the West”) the beautiful Amazonian actress, is living with Sean Penn, Madonna’s and Robin Wright’s (“House of Cards”) ex. Her friends are telling her to bail out fast. But what does Xtrology think?

Charlize is a Leo Sun/Moon. Loves being in the limelight. Loves Hollywood. She has one focal planet, Saturn, so she’s highly ambitious. Her Venus is in Virgo as is her Mercury.

Sean Penn is a Leo Sun/Mercury. His focal planets are Venus (nobody loves me) and Pluto (all about the right and wrong). The first one is the most tricky and why he can be a pill. His Venus is in Virgo, like hers, conjunct Pluto. Love is heavy.

Nothing really so bad about this. They’re a lot alike. Possibly too much. But for now they’re mirror images of each other.

She is in the fortunate predictive Venus trine Jupiter so marriage is on the menu no doubt. He has predictive Mars sextile Venus. Ditto. However, a little Sean bashing will happen with his predictive Mercury squaring his natal Mercury. He’s got enough Leo ego to deal with that.

Yes, they will marry. And it will be a very happy union until it isn’t (because the planets moved).

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Not that she’s going to ask. She’s already married to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots. When should you have an astrology chart done? When you’re getting married. To avoid this.

Gisele is a Cancer Sun — one of the more difficult Sun signs since it’s a sensitive water sign — and to me the most sensitive. Her Mercury is there also. The Moon is in its detriment in Scorpio. This is an exasperating Moon. It has the qualities of Pluto which to name a few are jealousy, revenge, anger, control, sexual issues. In general these people can be demanding and stubborn due to the fixity of the sign — a challenge. Her Moon is conjunct Uranus adding the characteristics of Aquarius which could soften it or bring out the rush-to-judgment qualities. Her Mars is in it’s detriment in the passive/aggressive sign of Libra conjunct Pluto — adding more Scorpio qualities (Pluto’s sign). And it’s square (90 degrees and unfavorable) to her Cancer planets. Pluto square your Sun is all about control as is Scorpio in general. Her Venus is in Gemini, a cold placement, and not extremely trusting. Then there is the rising sign in the super strict and restrictive sign of Capricorn.

No fire in this chart. So where is the fun?

Tom Brady is a Leo (a fire sign) with his Moon in Aries (a fire sign). His first focal planet is Mercury which most often plays out as verbal abuse. The second is Venus which is feelings of not being lovable or appreciated and often attracting a partner with incompatible values. It’s a craving for peace and harmony without the ability to secure it.

Rumor has it that Tom Brady is tired of all Gisele’s demands — including (are you ready) a list of chores. And I’m sure that she is that person — not sure about the list. Currently her predictive Venus is sitting on her Mercury. She’s in love. And coming up around the holidays is a Jupiter aspect predictive Venus trine predictive Jupiter.

But Tom’s chart tells a much different story. He has had a pretty easy life with a lot of Jupiter aspects including one when he married Gisele. But a super negative aspect is just beginning which is predictive Mars square natal Moon. You don’t have to be an angry person to find yourself upset when this happens. It will bring out all of the irritations you have pushed aside. Maximum crankiness.

Relationships aren’t destined to fall apart when negative aspects strike. But the ones that are not on a firm foundation will. This will be interesting to watch. Already they are selling their $50 million house in L.A. to live in Boston. Is that the beginning of the end? It’s a likely scenario. However, we will see Gisele survive with her lucky Jupiter period on its way.

So are some people born super stars or are they just born with a lot of beneficial Jupiter? I vote for the second. They’re really not different than you and me — just way luckier.

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Are Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce?. The answer is in their Xtrology. And it’s an easy one.

Jay Z is a Sagittarius with Venus and Mercury conjunct his Sun. His Moon in the likeable sign of Libra and Mars in Aquarius — all air and fire. No focal planets. Beyonce has a Virgo Sun (the square of Sagittarius) so the real question is why did they stay together so long?  She also has a stellium (four planets) plus one more planet in Libra. So her Venus conjuncts his Moon. That’s a little power in the sexual arena.

Currently, he has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Sun trine natal Pluto. He’s in love. She was in Jupiter (remember the rumors about whether she had the baby herself or not. I knew in Jupiter either way the rumor wouldn’t hurt her), but it’s over. Her Venus (love) is sitting on Uranus (divorce). She wants oute. He doesn’t.

Will it happen? There’s a lot of money to split up? And it could just be a way to generate more publicity. But, yes, even with all that, I say she’s had enough.

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This is an event chart. When there is no birthday, you can use a chart for the exact time of the event. Today a Malaysian plane traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur went down in a fiery crash in the Ukrainian war zone killing 295 people. Ideally, we would have the birthday of the plane and that surely exists (the day the plane made its first flight), but its unlikely that I could get that information.

Therefore, I’m going to look at the event chart’s transits to answer the question of how this happened. That would be today’s chart, the time of the explosion and the location of the explosion.

I would expect to find Mars (violence) and Pluto (death). The first thing I see is the Sun at 24 degrees of Cancer and Mars at 25 degrees of Libra. This is a square aspect which is the most negative and dangerous aspect. Uranus (airplanes) is at 16 degrees Aries and Pluto is at 12 Capricorn. You may recall the Cardinal Grand Square we just survived. This is also a Cardinal Grand Square because despite Jupiter leaving Cancer and moving to Leo, the Sun is taking its place in Cancer. And Mars is filling out the Grand square in Libra. (Cardinal Grand Square signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — each 90 degrees from the other — 90 X 4 = 360 degrees of a circle. If you remember from geometry four equally spaced angles create a square).

The Moon while at lower degrees, five, is also in the sign of Aries. So this fits quite perfectly the idea that this was a hostile action — that the plane was shot down.

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Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s sister, has a very unusual astrology chart. You won’t see many like this. All her planets are within four (out of 12) houses with the exception of Mars in the 12th. She has only one square, and it has to do with her father whom she apparently isn’t a huge fan of.

Another unusual thing is to find her 5th House of Romance, her 7th House of Partnerships and her 8th House of Sex empty. This means she isn’t very invested in these things. And to further this concept, she also has her Mars/Venus conjunct. That’s pretty much the same definition, except more so. It shows up in gay people a lot. It’s complete disinterest in love. And because Venus is ruled by Libra, Mars takes on some Libra (passive/aggresive) qualities.

This would make one think she’s a career girl. But, not so much with her 10th House empty. With four planets in the 4th House of Home ruled by Cancer, she may not really be too excited about anything except staying home. Venus and her Moon are in Leo so she won’t shun the limelight, but she won’t spend a lot of time chasing it either. Did I mention she’s a Virgo? They are the workers of the world. So she probably does work.

Just starting for her is predictive Mars square natal Uranus. That’s a pretty scary aspect especially in regard to accidents. She just came out of predictive Mars square natal Jupiter. Normally that affects your relationship with the law or money — both unlikely in her case. Her predictive Mercury is also square natal Neptune. This could be some unflattering publicity unless she is very discreet. And she may be. She’s not a wild girl. If this does happen, it could be that it was not her fault — she could be photographed without her knowledge (Neptune). All in all, this represents a trying time for her. For certain, nothing positive will come out of this time period which lasts for 2 1/2 years. We all get this stuff at some time or another. And it’s no fun.

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Donald Sterling, owner  of the L.A. basketball team, The Clippers, said a bunch of racist things to his girlfriend or assistant depending on whom you are talking to. And she recorded him apparently pissed off that she was getting sued by his ex-wife for over $1 million dollars. His remarks have caused him to be banned for life from attending any NBA games and fined $2.5 million.

Clearly he’s not a very nice guy. And here’s what happens when you’re not. The Universe waits until the exactly right time and wham, you’re hit. He’s a Taurus with Mars conjunct. That creates a little bit of anger. His Mercury is in Mars’ sign, Aries. Strangely he has a Libra Moon. Normally, he would not confrontational –  mostly would keep his nasty mouth shut. But there are exceptions. I think she pushed him a little to say the things he did. But he wouldn’t have said them if he didn’t mean them — that anger kicked in a little, too. With Pluto as his focal planet, he has a strong sense of right and wrong — his sense of right and wrong — according to him.

The reason this is coming to light now:  Predictive Mars square Moon. And predictive Venus square Venus. A Mars square of any kind can take your world down. To the Moon, you’re going to get one heck of an emotional blow. The Venus square Venus shows his love life is not so happy right now, and sort of points to the girl being a girlfriend. Then there is his predictive Sun conjunct Pluto, and you have a holocaust. I predict at his age, 80, he won’t live through this. Pluto is or can be death. And again, Mars just rips your life to pieces. There won’t be much left of him, and I’m translating that to the end of him. Astrology is all about the timing of your life. Had he not said these things now, he might have never been outed as the racist he is.

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