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Angelina Jolie is having a bad week. But why? When Sony got hacked supposedly by the North Koreans and emails got released, she got slammed by a famous director. Then today, her new film, “Unbroken” was completely shut out by the Golden Globes. Mon dieu!

Angelina is a Gemini Sun/Mercury. She also has Jupiter/Moon/Mars conjunction. Jupiter/Moon is very pro-mother and indulges in some extreme appetites. Mars/Moon and especially in Aries, like Angelina, are quick to anger. Her focal planets are Saturn (ambition) and Venus (no one loves me). Well, it’s not paranoia today, anyway. Astrology is an extreme form of democracy? You’re never too big a star. You still get the same negative aspects that the little people get.

Her current #Xtrology aspects are predictive #Sun conjunct predictive #Saturn. This will dampen your day and since it’s just starting — another two years. Saturn is a malefic planet and it restricts or takes away. This is why someone in her position should use an astrologer. Should she be releasing a self-directed film now? No, it’s bad timing. She also has predictive #Mars inconjunct #Neptune so it is possible she could have seen this coming to some extent — if she had been looking. She was blinded. And finally, coming up in exactly one year is predictive Sun square #Jupiter. Watch for things to get really over-the-top then. Jupiter blows things up. Not that this isn’t.

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Bill Cosby has a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. That means his Sun is conjunct Pluto. Pluto is always, always about control. Conjunct your Sun? To quote Betty Lundsted, “People with Pluto conjunct the Sun do not want to feel out of “control” in any situation. They overwhelm others any way they can. The energy causes others to become defensive, for they feel that their very essence is being invaded.”

His rising sign is Aries. So look for the worst characteristics of Aries to come out here. He’s selfish. With Saturn as a focal planet, he is also ambitious. Selfish, control freak, ambitious. Could he have drugged women and had sex with them as he is currently being accused? Astrologically, yes.

His current predictive planets are predictive Mercury conjunct Neptune. The definition for that is scheming. His second predictive aspect is predictive Sun opposition Saturn in the 12th House of Prisons. All the other planets are in the 6th House of Work/Health. So both his work and his health are in jeopardy. Will he go to jail? Definitely, he could. And he is worried about it. Why is this happening now? Because of these astrological aspects. You can get away with misdeeds for a long time, but, just know one thing, you never really get away with anything. The Universe knows.

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Katherine Heigl is the most hated women in Hollywood by some standards (although Ann Hathaway is close) because she callously called out two high profile employers, Shondra Rhimes and Judd Apatow — not something you do in this town and expect to continue working. But working she is! She has a new show, STATE OF AFFAIRS. Will this one be a success? Or will she go back criticizing the hand that feeds her?

Katherine is an outspoken Sagittarius with Mercury, Mars and Neptune conjunct — a stellium. Her Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio but here’s the problem really — her Moon is in its fall in Scorpio. I now feel like an expert of Moon in Scorpio. And they do like to get down and nasty. Pair that with a Sagittarius mouth and you get the truth, but bitchy.

Her future is mixed. She’s just getting over predictive Mercury conjunct natal Mars. So she got slammed in the press brutally. It is still conjunct natal Neptune which could mean there’s more that hasn’t come out yet or she hasn’t recovered as much as she thinks she has. The good side of her chart is that she has predictive Mercury sextile her natal Moon and predictive Mars trine Saturn. Her home life is humming, and she has plenty of energy towards her work and the show may squeak by despite how people feel about her.

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Our next and last eclipse of the year is a new Moon Solar Eclipse. But more news! The Sun just moving into Scorpio, Venus also just moving into Scorpio will be right there to meet up with the zero degree Scorpio Moon. This is called INTENSITY! And don’t forget Venus’ ability to bring out jealous possessive behaviors. Oh, yes, this is what you should watch for. And mind you, as much as you might want to misbehave during this time, you will not succeed. This is because eclipse eclipse. They take away. It’s there, then it’s gone. Poof!

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It happens October 8th, 2014 at 15 degrees Aries 7 minutes. That may sound a little technical, but it’s important because the eclipse only affects people with planets in Libra or Aries within four degrees of fifteen degrees — that is Libra between 11 and 19 degrees and Aries between 11 and 19 degrees. Some astrologers believe it can also square you which would be planets in the sign of Cancer and Capricorn between those degrees. I haven’t decided if squares work, but I wouldn’t rule them out.

You may remember the Grand Cardinal square that we’ve dealt with over the last two years. It was focused on those same degrees and those are the Cardinal signs. So if you were affected by the Grand Cardinal Square, this eclipse could also be hitting you.

It is interesting to note that Uranus on October 8th is 14 degrees Aries 31 minutes so the eclipse is right on top of Uranus. That will add a dimension of difficulty. Eclipses eclipse or take something away. And Uranus is not so shabby at doing that itself. You who are affected may face a minor crisis. Because the eclipse is a function of the Moon and the Moon is the weakest planet in astrology, the event that takes place in your life could be upsetting but should not be life altering. Inconvenience is a definite possibility.

If the eclipse falls on one of these planets in your chart what areas might be affected:

Sun, yourself,  father,  children
Moon, home, feelings, mother, women in general
Mercury, communication, brother & sisters, short travel
Venus, people you love,  beauty, can be money
Mars, cars, violence, guns, energy
Jupiter, money, excess, the law
Saturn, father, people in authority, work, health
Uranus, the Internet, anything electrical, sudden events, nerves
Neptune, drugs, deception, bodies of water
Pluto, people in power, surgery, other people’s money, your unconscious

The house (if you have the time of birth) the eclipse falls in is also important. If it’s in the:

1st, yourself, your body
2nd, money, things you value
3rd, communication, short trips, brothers or sisters
4th, home, family, mother
5th, children, creative projects, gambling
6th, health, work, small animals
7th, relationships, partnerships
8th, other people’s money, psychic experiences, surgery, death
9th, higher education, foreigners, foreign travel, religion
10th, career, the government, father
1th, friends, important people, wishes & dreams
12th, hospitals, prisons, karma, behind the scenes

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Joan Rivers recently left us for a better place and left her hugely successful show, “Fashion Police” without a host. There’s talk the show won’t continue. It’s Hollywood. The show goes on.

Chelsea Handler must be reeling from her decision to leave “E” now that this juicy spot is opening. Her new show on Netflix doesn’t start until 2016 with only a few specials between now and then. Twelve lucky years of Jupiter is over (she gets still another Jupiter period in March 2015), but right now she’s kicking herself. I first noticed Chelsea when she did one-liners for “E” biographies. She hasn’t been that funny since. With “Fashion Police,” she would have been back in her element although she’ll say she didn’t want it.

Kathy Griffin seems to be making a huge bid to take Joan’s spot. She’s everywhere bemoaning Joan’s fate. Astrologically, she’s in the perfect position with predictive Mercury conjunct her natal Jupiter. Kathy is a Scorpio with Neptune/Mercury conjunct. Add to that Scorpio rising and you cannot overlook a need for control. She’s a powerhouse, but might just put off her co-stars, because there’s not a lot of “co” in her need to be a star.

I like Margaret Cho, a Sagittarius with Sagittarius rising. She rivals Joan in her ability to scorch the earth. However, the timing’s off for her.

Sandra Bernhard is born two days from Joan’s birthday so both are Gemini. And she has Joan’s Sagittarius Moon and acid tongue. And she, like Kathy, is in the favorable Jupiter period with her predictive Jupiter conjunct her predictive Sun and Mercury. The show would succeed with her energy.

Out of the people I’ve looked at, I would pick Sandra. But Kathy would be fine, too. Let’s see what “E” and Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter and the producer of the show, come up with. And you, any thoughts?

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This one is easy. These two girls are different on so many levels.

Taylor is Sagittarius with her Moon in Cancer, it’s ruler. She has a Capricorn stellium (much like Brad Pitt also a Sadge). No focal planets. Her goals are simple. Not ruthless or cunning in the conventional sense.

Katy Perry is a Scorpio with five planets (including her Moon in its detriment) and her nodes there. Also no focal planets Holy Cow! This girl is deep and passionate. But come on. Don’t mess with anyone highly Scorpio. They take no prisoners.

Katy’s still in that magical Jupiter period while Taylor has predictive Sun conjunct Saturn so her “all that” world has slowed a bit. But still she’s holding her own in this feud. Katy can be brilliant and toxic at the same time. She eats men for lunch. Taylor is much more the viewer — taking life in and digesting it slowly. Both have jammed up planets within a few houses. So each is FOCUSED. Taylor’s predictive Mercury is sextile her natal Venus. Look for her to actually fall in love. And if she doesn’t? What’s up with that?

This is simply the case of two people from opposite female emotional worlds. And the reason it’s sometimes hard to like woman. They’re both successful. What the hey?

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We’re all holding our breath waiting for the marriage between super- movie star George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, lawyer, human rights activist. That would The George Clooney who has said marriage is just not for him. Is there a special time when these die hard bachelors are vulnerable? Why, yes there is. Read on.

George is Taurus, so stubborn we, in astrology, call it fixed. Mercury conjunct. His Mars is in the entertainment sign, Leo. Venus is in adventurous Aries. His Moon is in the difficult sign of Capricorn where, in its detriment, it operates badly. These men tend to marry up as women are their downfall. (Another example is Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Joile.) They’re looking for the woman who can eat them alive. Add to that five focal planets (one or more planet squared by two or more opposing planets) and he is trouble — seems nice — trouble behind the scenes.

Amul is Aquarius. She is one of the two signs square to him. Never, and I do mean never, are these marriages entered into for the right reasons — that being you can’t imagine your life without this person. Square (90 degree) energy is like fingernails on a chalkboard, literally. It’s not the big things.  The little things will get on your one last nerve always, eventually.

She also has her Venus in the sign of Aquarius. I know this combo well. I adore Aquarius. But when Venus is also in that sign you run into really chilly people. They can freeze you out like a Sub Zero. Her Moon is in Sagittarius so she can also speak her mind, do the dirty deed and walk away. Her one focal planet is Uranus — which is more Aquarius and more ability to shut down her feelings. Well done, George.

George currently has predictive Venus conjunct Mercury so he hit one of the few times in his life he is vulnerable to love thoughts. Amal has predictive Venus conjunct predictive Mercury. How cute! They both believe they’ve found the one who fulfills the reason they want to get married — however incompatible they really are.

An interesting predictive aspect for George is a Yod, often called the Finger of Fate (one or more planet inconjuncted by two or more sextiling planets). In George’s case, it is Jupiter. I’m not incredibly familiar with this aspect, but here is what Bil Tierney says about it, “His expectations almost always fall short of their promised potential and usually because he tends to…over reach… a period in his life where he is ready to drop a former belief or long-held ideology. Tolerance will be required…(a pilgrimage of sorts)…with fateful consequences brought upon by… own self-aggrandizement.” Aren’t we surprised by how public George has allowed this to be — with a VOGUE cover on its way?

I also predict this union will produce a child since both of them have a positive Venus aspect. This child will be loved. And it could be the ulterior motive behind George’s change of mind.

So, yes, this should go forward and look like a spectacular match. But, no, it will not last.

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 photo JoanRivers_zps8e51e15b.jpg

No water signs except her Pluto. She’s not that sensitive. Don’t go to her when you have a problem. It’s not like gentle Pisces. Quite the opposite. Joan Rivers is a Gemini with Mercury and Venus in these cool air signs. Three planets in Virgo (in her Sixth — workaholic) square all her Gemini planets and her Sagittarius Moon giving her three focal planets:  Mars the bulldozer, Jupiter the cultist, and Neptune seeing things however you please.

The biting, what some people call, wit. That would be her Sagittarius Moon — cuts all the way with no mercy. And intelligence? She has an abundance of that. Great memory, too.

Today, the real question is, is she going to die? Nope. Not today. Transiting Saturn is conjunct Mars trining her natal Pluto. And her predictive Moon is square the Sun (the shortest of the predictive aspects). It’s not enough to kill the old bag. I say that in her honor!

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UPDATE:  Joan Rivers died on September 4th. And, yes, I was wrong. Possibly I didn’t take her age enough into consideration. Is there any chance this isn’t her birthday? Could she have wanted this ending? Possibly more will come out. But let me say, rest in peace, Joan. Wish I had been correct.

UPDATE2: Kathy Griffin, according to TMZ, will be taking her place.
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I have a client/friend who is all up into Magi Astrology. But I didn’t have time to thoroughly check it out — until today when I noticed it on http://www.7thunders.com/, Robert Camp’s site for his book, “Destiny Cards.” I  know his system of prediction as Sacred Symbols dating back to the Egyptian period. And I use it in addition to astrology because it definitely has merit.  Robert Camp has written the definitive book. I totally recommend it. However, I also noticed some affiliation with Magi Astrology on his site. I do not know what  the connection is to him, but it made me curious if this system of prediction works.

Magi brags they are “the world’s largest and wealthiest astrological organization.” Their example to prove their theory is the night Monica Lewinsky first had sexual contact with Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, at the time. Magi Astrology has some cute terminology that I wish I had thought of. But here’s the problem. According to them, Monica was in a double Cinderella period that night. Didn’t Cinderella live happily ever after?

Monica is a Leo with Venus also in Leo and two natal focal planets (a square planet to two opposing planets) her Moon in Taurus (which is fixed so that as the focal planet the feelings are overly sensitive — despite its exaltation in Taurus  – but held in). The second focal planet is Mercury defined as someone who isn’t in touch with what motivates them and a very critical nature. Mercury is your reputation so in a negative aspect, it is slander and gossip — among the other things it rules.

The night in question Monica had predictive Venus (using Xtrology’s method of prediction based on secondary progressions — for sure not the largest or wealthiest) sextile (good) her natal Mercury. Any positive aspect to Venus will cause a person to fall in love. And she did.

Unfortunately, her natal Saturn had gone out-of-sign to square predictive and natal Pluto from the 9th House of  Law to the 12th House of Karma. Ouch! This aspect will last a long time. Her predictive Mercury was opposition predictive Jupiter– things getting overblown, and, again, Jupiter AKA the 9th House of Law.  Her predictive Mars was inconjunct natal Pluto — two planets that can create havoc. If that wasn’t scary enough, the transiting Neptune and Uranus were opposition her natal Mercury keeping in mind natal Mercury is already problematic. Her little Venus aspect didn’t stand a chance.

But you decide. Is this Cinderella times two or is this a nightmare to infinity?

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