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Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra.. This eclipse affects Libra Sun people born between October 15-23 and Aries Sun people born between March 11-19 and anyone with a planet 21 to 29 degrees Libra or Aries. You can get a free chart at As long as your date and place are correct, you don’t need your time, for the degrees of the planets will be correct with the exception of the Moon. (For more information on how to erect that chart, go to, Lesson No. 1).

We’ve been talking a lot about the Cardinal Grand Square that is exact at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs April 22. This eclipse is also in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), but it’s out of orb of the Cardinal Grand Square. Still, with another eclipse coming later this month, it’s a lot of activity and it’s all negative.

And Pluto will be stationing (sitting still before it changes directions) at 13 degrees which puts people with planets near there in harm’s way.

Most of the energy of an eclipse precedes it, so you will be feeling it now. Generally if one of your planets is affected, there will be an event where something is taken away or eclipsed. My battery was dead when the eclipse was opposition my Mars (cars). A friend of mine went to her Palm Springs home and it had been robbed. The eclipse hit her Uranus (unexpected events).

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse are both a time when projects come to a head — the culmination. Generally, I side with the old definition of it being a time you lose something — something is eclipsed. Usually the event will be relatively minor, but if some other aspects are in place, it can even be death especially if it hits your Pluto. For timing, I use approximately one week before and one week after. You’ll be disappointed, but your life will not fall apart. (This is not true with the Cardinal Grand Square. Your life could be falling apart.)

Look to see if the degree of the eclipse matches a planet in your chart. If it’s on the

  • Sun, yourself,  father,  children
  • Moon, home, feelings, mother, women in general
  • Mercury, communication, brother & sisters, short travel
  • Venus, people you love,  beauty, can be money
  • Mars, cars, violence, guns, energy
  • Jupiter, money, excess, the law
  • Saturn, father, people in authority, work, health
  • Uranus, the Internet, anything electrical, sudden events
  • Neptune, drugs, deception, bodies of water
  • Pluto, people in power, surgery, other people’s money, psychic

The house (only if you have the time) the eclipse falls in is also important. If it’s in the:

  • 1st, yourself, your body
  • 2nd, money, things you value
  • 3rd, communication, short trips, brothers or sisters
  • 4th, home, family, mother
  • 5th, children, creative projects, gambling
  • 6th, health, work, small animals
  • 7th, relationships, partnerships
  • 8th, other people’s money, psychic experiences, surgery, death
  • 9th, higher education, foreigners, foreign travel, religion
  • 10th, career, the government, father
  • 11th, friends, important people, wishes & dreams
  • 12th, hospitals, prisons, karma, behind the scenes

If you had an experience with the last eclipse or this one, please leave a comment.

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 photo b2dbdf56-b3f0-419b-9394-0a640ae503e6_zps9aab597b.jpg

From the L.A. TIMES:

“Sky watchers, get ready! There is a total eclipse of the Moon coming Monday night and you don’t want to miss it.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth align so that  Earth’s shadow falls across the moon’s surface. Monday night’s lunar eclipse is a total eclipse, which means  Earth’s shadow will cover the moon completely.

The Moon won’t be blacked out by our planet’s shadow. Instead, it will take on a reddish hue — anywhere from a bright copper to the brownish red of dried blood.

Perhaps this is why we are seeing the term “blood moon” popping up all over the Internet. (For more on that, read Total lunar eclipse on April 14-15: What is a ‘blood moon’? )

The eclipse is visible from just about the entire continental United States, as well as Central America and parts of South America. If you live on the West Coast, you are especially lucky because you won’t even have to stay up too late to see it.

To watch the whole show from start to finish, your moon gazing should begin at 10:20 p.m. PDT, when the first faint shadow will start to fall on the Moon. This is known as a penumbral eclipse, but be prepared — it’s subtle.

The show gets more interesting at 10:58 p.m., when the partial eclipse begins. It should look like a little bite was taken out of the moon. Continue to look up to see the Earth’s shadow move across the moon, covering more and more of its surface as the minutes pass.

By 12:07 a.m., the entirety of the lunar surface will be in Earth’s shadow. It will be glowing red, because even though our planet is blocking out direct light from the sun, the light of all the sunsets and sunrises on  Earth still make it to the lunar surface.”

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 photo 7a760ed0-34e1-47fd-b3cf-f1c592f70178_zps79a26102.jpg

After already having two earthquakes a 4.4 and and 5.1, I decided to look at the chart of Los Angeles. We really are very laid back about earthquakes, although it’s been some time now since I was on the phone and said, “Did you feel that?”

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Los Angeles, using the date April 4, 1850, when we were incorporated, has a dangerous chart. If you read my blog, you know I’m ragging on and on about the Bite Me transit that involves all the cardinal signs at middle degrees. Well, hold your breath.

Los Angeles has an Aries Sun at 14 degrees as well as Saturn at 11, the Moon at 10 degrees Capricorn and Mars at 8 degrees Cancer. Today the transiting Pluto is at 13 degrees putting it right on top of L.A.’s Moon and just to add a little flavor, L.A.’s predictive Moon is 13 degrees Capricorn.

Transiting Uranus at 12 degrees Aries is sitting on L.A.’s Saturn and not so far from the Sun. And transiting Jupiter is at 11 degrees Cancer on L.A.’s Mars at 8 degrees.

But here’s what really concerns me L.A.’s predictive Mars is opposition it’s natal Sun and the Moon is square both. Together with the other planets, we have a progressed Grand Square. Transiting Mars at 22 Libra today is retrograding and in April will be conjunct the predictive Mars.

This is the perfect set-up for THE BIG ONE. While it may not happen, the conditions are right — even perfect.  Be earthquake prepared. We all know the drill. Everyone in L.A. has the supplies or knows they should have them.

  • Charge your cell phone
  • Water, food, pet food. I’ve chosen tuna because it’s easy to store and my cat and I can eat it. And some canned fruit with a lot of liquid. Water is very difficult to store for a long period of time I have found the hard way. Leave your toilet seats up for animals left behind.
  • Don’t take animals with you. They know where the safest place is and trying to find them may cause you harm. Usually they go under the bed.
  • Tie down, put on the floor, underneath a table — the things you can’t live without or that you don’t want to hit you on the head.
  • Remember to duck. Don’t run to the door jambs. The people in Northridge that were killed were standing up and the ceiling fell on their heads. Get down and close to a large object or under it. Put flashlights near those spaces. If you have a whistle, go to sleep wearing it so you can be found.
  • Put a bag with your essentials, especially medication, near the door so if you are leaving, you can just grab it. Make sure you have shoes there, because there may be glass. Have FEMA’s number handy. Also your valuable papers especially insurance.
  • Consider putting some things in your car like a blanket, a can opener, some of your canned goods, an extra phone charger. Because you may not be allowed back in your house/building.
  • There are some wonderful lights at the hardware store that go on when the lights go out, there are tap lights — I even have some little bitty lights that you turn and they last 11 hours that I got at Radio Shack. I carry one in my purse.

Okay that is some of the things. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comment section. Also check on your elderly neighbors and see if they are prepared.

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 photo 72350a99-6669-44db-89bc-a28eb48a640e_zpsb6d094f5.jpg

It is interesting that Goop rhythms with poop.  Gwyneth, we know, has no negative predictive planets. So is it Chris Martin of COLDPLAY that wants out?

Chis is a Pisces Sun. He has five focal planets: Moon (fixed so he has emotional sensitivity but hides it), Mars (mucho determination), Jupiter (part of a culture or group), Saturn (uber-ambitious) and Uranus (different to be different). Five focal planets? Complicated.

Want to know something interesting? Both have Saturn conjunct the Moon — same thing as the difficult Moon in Capricorn (Saturn=Capricorn) — extreme charm coupled with a big shot of meanness. They were together for ten years. I smell a lot of ambition involved, and she met him just weeks after her father’s death. Were they charming each other to death or stabbing each other in the back?

Chris currently has predictive Mars (rips your life apart) square natal Neptune (deception). The Bite Me Transit is hitting his natal Pluto (transformation). It’s that was simple. Those rumors about Gwyneth cheating? Most likely true. The separation is his idea. Period. Goop is not happy with the “conscious uncoupling.” It wasn’t her timing.

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 photo ef3f7d4b-e5b6-4d5e-9ce4-f2a24e17f9cd_zpsb3bfc6e7.jpg

Sorry this blog isn’t about them. It’s about Anna Wintour the editor of “Vogue.” Kim is protected by Jupiter — the only possible reason she stays in the spotlight. Kanye is riding her coattails, but still has to deal with his negative Mercury aspect which just gave him a bad day in court just last week. But Anna? What the hell is wrong with a woman that has been the maven of fashion all these years? A lot.

Anna Wintour is a Scorpio Sun. Her focal planets are numerous: The Sun (narcissist), Mercury (verbally abusive, guess we saw a little of that in “The Devil Wears Prada”), the Moon (super-sensitive), Jupiter (part of a cult or culture) and Uranus (different just to be different). This makes up a Grand Cardinal Square so the Bite Me transit has bitten her a lot lately with her Moon at 14 degrees Aries and her Neptune at 15 degrees Libra.

However in addition, she currently has one of the most negative predictive aspects there is, predictive Mars square natal Uranus. Ugh! Putting Kanye and Kim (former sex tape star) on the cover of “Vogue.” Wrong in every way. Just completely a stupid move. Does the woman have dementia? Look for this to be her downfall. Bad judgment. Bad timing. Bad voodoo will come of this.

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 photo 4ee1025e-2964-4ddb-9ec5-0efe0b782b04_zpsedb6ff3b.jpg

The “Bite Me” transit is killing people. And if not death, it’s kicking their butts. I know. I’m one of them. If you have a cardinal planet (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) around 10-14 degrees and especially if it’s one of the personal ones (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars), you know what I’m talking about because it’s kicking your butt, too. Nothing is going right.

L’Wren is a Capricorn with her Mercury and Venus there. No focal planets, but she has many squares and oppositions in her natal chart. The reason she hanged herself is simple. Her predictive Mars (rips your life apart) squared her natal Jupiter (money). And her Capricorn Sun is 10 degrees with transiting Pluto sitting on top of it, transiting Jupiter opposition it and transiting Uranus squaring it. — the “Bite Me” transit. Her clothing empire was falling apart. She couldn’t pay her bills — millions of dollars in debt.  And she never asked her notoriously cheap boyfriend, Mick Jagger, for financial help. She was embarrassed by her failure — deeply embarrassed as only a Capricorn can be.

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 photo e33bc75e-3479-4a30-b885-fca6f2471f1a_zps40cdd930.jpg

Oh, these lines are blurred all right. Are you kidding me? A Sagittarius woman with a Pisces man? Wrong reasons. Always wrong reasons when you see squares together — incompatible energy — no exceptions. And her with a Capricorn Moon? Seriously. She backed him up until she got where she was going — abuse, cheating, all of it, but it’s payback now. Gloves are off. The Capricorn Moon’s I know, all ambitious and all jealous. You don’t mess with their stuff.

Robin Thick has five focal planets, Moon (in a fixed sign he’s sensitive, but hides it), Mars, (he wants his way), Jupiter, (cult-like tendencies), Saturn (mucho ambition) and finally Uranus (marches to his own drummer.) And he’s difficult. But for a Sadge? He’s downright impossible. She has a plan, my friends. She would have to, to stay and around and put up with his bullshit. He wakes up everyday and it’s, “Paul fix me. Make me happy.” And Paula is thinking, “For now. Until you get me where I am going, Baby.”

So here we are at the crossroads. Neither of these people has a bad chart. Robin’s got his Sun sitting on his karmic nodes and a nice little trine from predictive Sun to Venus. Love? It’s going to happen.

Paula is Sagittarius, square to Robin’s Pisces Sun. She does not understand him. He does not understand her. In fact, they get on each others nerves. Robin is too namby pamby and overly sensitive to the slightest thing. And Robin is too out-spoken and thinks he skirts the truth — although Neptune conjunct her Sun she does, too, when it suits her. Like him, she has the Moon as a focal planet. There’s enough sensitivity to go around. But ultimately Sadge will always fall back on needing to know. Where Pisces will overlook, Sadge can’t  — not forever. It’s in their DNA. The truth. And nothing but the truth.

More interesting Paula has her predictive Venus sitting right on her Sun. So who loves who? These are both powerful Venus aspects. You will fall in love. It can be with your partner. Or is this the out they’re secretly longing for?

I predict these two are parting ways. It’s how they stayed together so long that is the mystery. But they both were getting something out of it, and it wasn’t compatibility. She got to mingle with the rich and famous. He got a lot of his rock star misbehavior overlooked. With strong Venus aspects for both, they can do better. They can find someone who gets them. There could be something here that is passing for love, but the real thing is still ahead for both of these people.

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 photo aa41cb00-16a5-4208-bd47-4d72545577ef_zpse4cdc539.jpg

Sometime you see a death and you know it could have been prevented with a little information — such is the case with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Why was he so susceptible to drugs? Pisces rising. The rising sign always brings out the worst qualities of the sign. Then his Moon in Pisces in the 12th House of Pisces. He’s set up for substance abuse because Pisces rules it — also for extreme sensitivity and what turned out to be great acting ability. He was born with this.

Here’s the sadness. His predictive Mars (the meanest of all the predictive aspects) just squared his predictive Venus. He wasn’t feeling the love, for himself, from his friends, from his family — and it might have been right there in front of him or it might not. I experienced this when my father died. And the degree to which I was betrayed, well, I lived through it. But it was the most pure pain. I hated opening my eyes in the morning, because I knew the suicidal thoughts were on their way. By afternoon, I was okay. But the mornings were hell. It didn’t last forever. And neither would it have for Phillip. But he didn’t know it was coming. And he didn’t know it would get better. He needed to have a sober coach with him during this time and all would have been well. A $200 reading from Xtrology and his kids would have their father.

I learned Xtrology because of this horrible experience. My transits were fine so I didn’t see it coming.

However, not ture in Phillip’s case. Transiting Saturn was sitting on his Neptune (drugs), a Pluto/Venus conjunction in the cardinal “Bite Me” transit was square to transiting Uranus and natal Saturn and opposition natal Mercury and transiting Jupiter. Sliced and diced. A relapse could easily and I do mean easily have been foreseen.

Strong people can’t handle this and sensitive, vulnerable people can’t handle it at all. Death is a big theme surrounding the “Bite Me” Transit. A good friend died the first time around in March 2012. And my beloved Munster cat died yesterday. I have natal Mars at 12 degrees Capricorn. I got hit, too.

For a personal reading contact And please visit us on Facebook and Twitter. I am offering at a very special price $50, a transit reading for the “Bite Me” transit, because it is so deadly and can, in some cases, be avoided, as in the case of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

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 photo 7deb969b-8a3c-4fb1-babc-82f9f60b1237_zpsdcd81a7c.jpg

Jay Leno has been “The Tonight Show” host for 22 years with a few bloopers along the way. But he made the most critical error of his career when he negotiated his last contact. And you know where I’m going with this.

Jay is a Taurus Sun in the the 2nd House of Money and Collectibles — in his case cars. Mercury also in Taurus. Venus, exalted in loving Pisces, and Mars in exacting Virgo. No focal planets. Simple guy. Can’t you tell that?

He’s been in Jupiter with his Sun trining it for a little less than the last two years. A little less. His Sun moved ahead and square his predictive Mars! Holy cow! Mon Dieu! Crap! ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOT THE TIME TO HAVE A LONG RUNNING CONTRACT END. Jay, people in general, consult Xtrology.

Here’s what’s going to happen to Jay. Last night all his friends were around. He felt the love. Today, he is his own worst enemy. He has the worst of all the predictive aspects. When Mars (the ruinator) squares (the worst angle) your Sun (you), it rips your ego to pieces — no matter how strong your ego is. It’s the most difficult of all the aspects to handle. Jay, meditation, massages, vacation, church. Take care of yourself. Jay’s friends, check in on him.

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 photo 9ac72195-bd17-4230-a1ad-1f2e5fe55105_zps49ec98b6.png

Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Super Bowl this Sunday, is a member of the Denver Broncos. With Jupiter, as is one of his six focal planets, he loves being the lynch pin for a culture. He feels at home on the football field. His other focal planets:  The Sun/Aries (big ego), Moon/Capricorn (charming and deadly), Saturn/Cancer (big ambition) and Pluto/Libra (invested in right and wrong). Normally six focal planets make you crazy, but where better to burn off this natural anxiety than sports?

His chart this Sunday, predictive Venus moving up to conjunct his natal Jupiter. That’s a winner. Or it would be if we knew the time. Using 12:00 noon, it’s exact. That makes the six hours before not in Jupiter and the six hours after definitely in Jupiter. Underlying this is an out-of-sign predictive Jupiter inconjunct to natal Pluto.

Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is a Sagittarius Sun and a much more laid back guy. No focal planets. A nice Grand Fire Trine gives him plenty of energy. But he doesn’t live and die by winning a football game. This guy finds happiness in various places.

Looking at Russell’s astrology chart, he has predictive Venus sitting on his Sun. I get that. He just got married. And it’s a positive aspect. But if Peyton Manning has Jupiter, he’s definitely got the better chart. Russell’s Venus is also square to his nodes, so his fate is sealed.

A football game doesn’t live and die by a single player, but as it is a big part of the outcome, I pick Peyton Manning to be the winning quarterback. A risk, yes. But soooo close. Oh, they’re calling it the Bong Bowl because Colorado and Washington are two states that made marijuana legal.

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