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Did you know that a chart can have a missing element: Fire, Earth, Air or Water? It’s rare, but if it happens as it does in Edward Snowden’s chart, it’s important.

Edward Snowden is a Gemini, Sun, Mercury and Mars. His rising sign is also Gemini. So already we know he has a lot of air. His Pluto and Saturn are in Libra — also air. That’s five of ten planets in air. He has no focal planets. And his Moon is in telling Scorpio. Don’t mess with Moon in Scorpio. It’s not a happy placement. The Moon (your emotions) are always close to the surface. Ready to rumble. With no earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), he flies around the sky with nowhere to land. He needs earth planets to grasp material things, to be grounded.

Briefly, Snowden worked for the CIA and disclosed NSA documents and has been charged with two counts of violating the Espionage Act by The United States. He currently has temporary assylum in Russia.

But what’s really going on with him? At the time of his disclosure, his astrology chart shows he was extremely dissatisfied with his work due to his predictive Sun (him) squaring (90 degrees negative) Saturn (work). But he also had predictive Mars (his energy) in a trine (120 degrees positive) his Moon (his feelings). So what did he do? He did something about his unhappiness. What so many others of us, held down by family, friends, a house, a dog, don’t do. We suck it up. He didn’t.

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You’ve no doubt heard the story. Brian Williams, the NBC anchor, fibbed a little about his experience in Iraq — it was the helicopter in front of him that got hit by ground fire not his helicopter. There appears to be other lies and exaggerations. Always look to Neptune to see if you’re dealing with a liar.

Brian has natal Neptune opposition his natal Taurus Sun. So there you have it. Yes, he doesn’t let the truth get in his way. If you read my blog, you know how strongly I feel about focal planets (the result of planet squaring two opposition planets). His focal planets are Uranus (not all that conventional at heart — a little rebellious), the Moon (overly emotional even in the absence of water planets) and, here’s the big one, Mercury. Mercury as a focal planet has to do with the way you communicate. Focal planets are the result of negative aspects. Most of the time, I find that people with this are verbally abusive. But people process information differently. We still can assume his communication skills are flawed — some way, somehow.

Brian’s daughter, Allison (Aries Sun) , who is currently on the HBO hit “Girls” and who also did “Peter Pan Live!” on television and slammed it, is partly the result of some really terrific aspects that started around the age of fourteen. When Jupiter, looking at a chart, is on the left of your Sun and in another sign, the Sun will cross it as the Sun moves counterclockwise. Predictive Jupiter moves also (which is why it is predictive) and the predictive Sun then also crosses it. It’s a great way to get your life started. Jupiter (in a good aspect) gives you tremendous confidence.

And here’s why I mention it. Brian currently has predictive Venus (your loved ones) square (90 degrees and a bad angle) his Jupiter (to some degree public perception, but definitely your social life). I think Brian is jealous of Allison. He is the one that is normally in the spotlight — not her. I’m not saying he’s a bad person, but I am saying he’s human. And while fathers shouldn’t be jealous of their daughters, that’s my opinion of what’s going on here.

The big question is, will he lose his $10 million anchor job? He might not even though he really should. The two planets in this negative configuration are both nice planets — not malefic. But I will tell you that it will hurt his relationship with Allison, because she knows. Deep down she knows he resents her success. And he may really wish he had her career and not his. The news may be a little tame for him.

I’ve heard rumors he might be considered for Jon Stewart’s job at “The Daily Show.” Actually, he’s a funny guy, he already reads the news, and truthfulness would not be a big issue. But, I don’t think these aspects will reward him. If for some reason, he lands on his feet, still, there will be some fallout. It’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card, you know, the one he’s been playing for years.

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I looked at this months back when Bruce Jenner announced he would not be returning to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” (Although I’ve read he will come back another year.) I wondered if all the gossip were true.

Normally for a transitioning man, you would check for a negative Jupiter aspect in the natal chart showing that there is an over-idealization of the feminine principle. His is opposition Uranus and square Mercury/Neptune. Uranus being part of that T-square points to relating (Jupiter is the relating principle) in an unusual way. Bruce is a Scorpio with Scorpio rising, and they do have their little secrets. Another clue is no planets in the relationship houses, the 5th, the 7th and the 8th. He’s had a few marriages and divorces. Is there a hindrance to him forming long-lasting relationships in a traditional manner?

This I do know. Bruce is going through some really tough aspects. First his predictive Venus opposed Pluto. Venus is people you love and Pluto is all about transformation. He and his wife, Chris, are getting a divorce. Then along comes predictive Mars (the worst of the worst) to square predictive Uranus (the most rebellious of all the planets). So he’s definitely experiencing negative energy. He, no doubt, isn’t very happy with his life right now.

If he does decide to transition to womanhood, this is the wrong time. I advise my clients, “Don’t make life altering changes when the energy isn’t on your side. It doesn’t always produce the results you’re looking for.”

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Ever wonder why someone is so successful and someone else is not? Okay, Rhianna is beautiful and talented, but is she really the most beautiful and talented or is there an X-factor, like, for example, Xtrology? Oh, yes.

Rhianna is a Pisces Sun with Mercury in Aquarius. She’s dreamy, romantic, cares about humanity — overall a nice girl. But 40 million Twitter followers? There’s more to it than that. It isn’t her Moon and Venus in Aries. And it isn’t her Mars in Sagittarius. With no focal planets, she’s simple. It doesn’t take a lot to make her happy. So how did Rhianna become Rhianna?

According to Wiki, “In late 2004, her four-song demo tape was distributed to several labels, including Def Jam Recordings.” Also in late 2004 her natal Jupiter changed signs (which allows it to make aspects) and trined her low degree Neptune and Uranus! And the magic started happening. She’s 100% a result of Jupiter. It’s all long term luck. Most of us will get it at some time in our lives — and not everyone makes it work on this level. But you won’t have this success without it.

The key — positioning yourself so that when it does come, you’re ready to take advantage of it. But first it helps to know when it is.

But like most mortals, Rhianna will lose this favorable long term Jupiter. The pendulum always swings. Hers will adjust November 27, 2016 when once again those two conjunct planets will get hit. This time by the predictive Sun, and this time in a negative aspect — the dreaded square. Her life will take a turn for the worse then, and she won’t see it coming. This is her normal state — for everything to go her way. It’s very difficult when the energy changes and there is bad news.

It is possible to ride through these negative aspects. Although a negative event usually will happen. But that is the nature of life, the ups and downs. It’s just that when you don’t see it coming, it can be shocking.

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Cameron Diaz said she would never get married. She was adamant. Is there a planet in astrology that makes you fall in love? Hell, yes. It worked with George Clooney, didn’t it?

Cameron is a Virgo with Mars conjunct. Her Mercury is in Leo. I would have guessed her as Leo. But her desire to settle down? Cancer, which rules the home, rising and a Cancer Venus. That girl wants to cook for her man! She wants a home with all the trimmings. Her Moon is exalted in Taurus. She’s emotionally stable.

Her focal planets (the result of an opposition and one planets squares both) are the Sun (she’s a little full of herself) and Mars (she’s a bulldozer). Consequently, she needs an easy going guy that can handle her energy. Benji Madden of the band GOOD CHARLOTTE is a good catch for her from everything I read. People like him.

And because this love bug aspect (predictive Venus conjunct her natal Sun) goes from her 7 degree Sun to her 9 degree Mars, it lasts longer than usual. However, in two years her predictive Sun will square (not favorable) her Venus. If the relationship isn’t on stable ground (and it could be), this will take it down.

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Ian Somerhalder is the handsome star of “Vampire Diaries.” His girlfriend is Nikki Reed. It looks like love. It really really looks like love. So what do the stars say about this?

Ian is Sagittarius with a Sagittarius stellium which includes Mercury, Mars and Neptune. His natal Jupiter in Leo trines those Sadge planets is in the 7th House of Marriage. He has good relating skills. And with Aquarius rising, he into the humanitarian thing.

His predictive Venus is trine his predictive Jupiter and will go on the trine his natal Jupiter. So he’s in Jupiter and Venus at the same time. Perfect for marriage. I predict this is inevitable And when his predictive Moon also moves into the 7th House in two months — the timing is super perfect. But who could pass up a Valentine’s Day engagement?

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Want to find a person who is having trouble growing up? Look no further than Aries, #AmyPascal’s Sun and Mercury. She is currently chairman of #SonyPictures and don’t we love it that a woman holds that position? But do you have to engage in frat-style humor to be one of the boys as she did when she suggested our black president would only want to watch black movies and other no-so-funny stuff.

According to Amy, she’s solid and there is much support behind her. But let’s see what’s in her stars. Her focal planets are Neptune (sees things the way she wants to) and Pluto (a strong sense of right and wrong). So how sorry is she? With Moon in Gemini, she’s not stupid. And with Mars and Venus conjunct her home life takes a back seat to her career. But the thing to watch out for is that Venus conjunct Mars — same thing as Mars in Libra (because Libra rules Venus), and those are the most passive/aggressive people around. She will stab you in the back.

Her current aspects are predictive Mercury square Mars. This is intense. All Mars aspects tear your life up. And Mercury is your reputation. Her predictive Sun is also square predictive Pluto. Now that’s a little ironic since she’s all about Pluto, power, doing the right thing. Sun square Pluto? It’s going to hit her on a subconscious level and cause her to question her value system. And cause others to do that, too. Her predictive Sun is also inconjunct her Jupiter. She needs to adjust whatever (emails, humor?) is out-of-control. Personally, I can’t imagine her staying at Sony unless she knows were bodies are buried. This is the chart of a woman going down. People, get an astrologer. Save yourself some heartache. This could have been prevented.

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Angelina Jolie is having a bad week. But why? When Sony got hacked supposedly by the North Koreans and emails got released, she got slammed by a famous director. Then today, her new film, “Unbroken” was completely shut out by the Golden Globes. Mon dieu!

Angelina is a Gemini Sun/Mercury. She also has Jupiter/Moon/Mars conjunction. Jupiter/Moon is very pro-mother and indulges in some extreme appetites. Mars/Moon and especially in Aries, like Angelina, are quick to anger. Her focal planets are Saturn (ambition) and Venus (no one loves me). Well, it’s not paranoia today, anyway. Astrology is an extreme form of democracy? You’re never too big a star. You still get the same negative aspects that the little people get.

Her current #Xtrology aspects are predictive #Sun conjunct predictive #Saturn. This will dampen your day and since it’s just starting — another two years. Saturn is a malefic planet and it restricts or takes away. This is why someone in her position should use an astrologer. Should she be releasing a self-directed film now? No, it’s bad timing. She also has predictive #Mars inconjunct #Neptune so it is possible she could have seen this coming to some extent — if she had been looking. She was blinded. And finally, coming up in exactly one year is predictive Sun square #Jupiter. Watch for things to get really over-the-top then. Jupiter blows things up. Not that this isn’t.

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UPDATE: She also got chicken pox!!!


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Bill Cosby has a Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Pluto. That means his Sun is conjunct Pluto. Pluto is always, always about control. Conjunct your Sun? To quote Betty Lundsted, “People with Pluto conjunct the Sun do not want to feel out of “control” in any situation. They overwhelm others any way they can. The energy causes others to become defensive, for they feel that their very essence is being invaded.”

His rising sign is Aries. So look for the worst characteristics of Aries to come out here. He’s selfish. With Saturn as a focal planet, he is also ambitious. Selfish, control freak, ambitious. Could he have drugged women and had sex with them as he is currently being accused? Astrologically, yes.

His current predictive planets are predictive Mercury conjunct Neptune. The definition for that is scheming. His second predictive aspect is predictive Sun opposition Saturn in the 12th House of Prisons. All the other planets are in the 6th House of Work/Health. So both his work and his health are in jeopardy. Will he go to jail? Definitely, he could. And he is worried about it. Why is this happening now? Because of these astrological aspects. You can get away with misdeeds for a long time, but, just know one thing, you never really get away with anything. The Universe knows.

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Katherine Heigl is the most hated women in Hollywood by some standards (although Ann Hathaway is close) because she callously called out two high profile employers, Shondra Rhimes and Judd Apatow — not something you do in this town and expect to continue working. But working she is! She has a new show, STATE OF AFFAIRS. Will this one be a success? Or will she go back criticizing the hand that feeds her?

Katherine is an outspoken Sagittarius with Mercury, Mars and Neptune conjunct — a stellium. Her Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio but here’s the problem really — her Moon is in its fall in Scorpio. I now feel like an expert of Moon in Scorpio. And they do like to get down and nasty. Pair that with a Sagittarius mouth and you get the truth, but bitchy.

Her future is mixed. She’s just getting over predictive Mercury conjunct natal Mars. So she got slammed in the press brutally. It is still conjunct natal Neptune which could mean there’s more that hasn’t come out yet or she hasn’t recovered as much as she thinks she has. The good side of her chart is that she has predictive Mercury sextile her natal Moon and predictive Mars trine Saturn. Her home life is humming, and she has plenty of energy towards her work and the show may squeak by despite how people feel about her.

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