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Howard Stern does not have a Scorpio Moon. And can’t you see it? He’s somewhat fatherly with a dirty twist, but, well, that’s men. Don’t you see the difference that he is not ruled by jealousy and passion? Howard Stern? Never. We count on him to tell us what’s real, again from his point of view. That’s earth. And mix it with water and this is what you get. Seven out of ten planets. Two in air and Gemini rising — that’s why he’s so smart. And one in fire. Howard virtually has no fire. So he’s not fun like you think of it. He has his own special kind of fun which is unusual and worth listening to — even if it makes you crazy sometimes.

Apparently he recently has admitted he’s not a joy to be around and his wife, Beth, says he complains all the time. Well, yes. Earth and Water. Where’s the fun? Believe me he has it but it’s his fun and maybe not as fun for her. So people are saying they might split. I’m not doing Beth’ chart, but they’re just fine. She accepted his idiosyncrasies long ago.

He recently had predictive Jupiter opposition predictive Mars, predictive Mercury sextile Moon and predictive Venus inconjunct Saturn and predictive Sun inconjunct Neptune. So he wasn’t in such a good mood. But all of these have passed. At his age, he’s lucky if he dodged any medical problems. Hey, you can live with cranky. And if you have a partner who is unusually hard to get along with, it could just be the cycle he’s in or he could have a medical problem. Before getting angry with someone, check the circumstances. Not everything is about you.

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Admittedly I have very little intuition. But I saw this coming. This girl has trouble ahead. And you can see her just pushing boundaries she hasn’t even fully established. The future is precarious.

Tiffany Haddish is a Sagittarius with her Neptune and Venus conjunct. Neptune conjunct makes her a little bit Pisces. And prone to the allure of drugs and booze. On New Year’s Eve, she had a big venue and basically just fucked it up — big time. People are being nice and saying she will recover. She just let the prospect of hosting the Oscars go. Does that sound like she’s going to get it together?

Currently Tiffany has predictive Sun square Pluto. She’s in trouble. She has no time and no business screwing up. There are not that many more chances. I think she needs to get to a rehab and right away — almost before people know she’s gone. The days ahead are going to be hard. This is just starting and will last for two years. So there’s no wishing it away. Pluto can kill you literally or figurative. This sounds a little harsh, but I believe her career could be over.

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Happy New Year! I took a little time off for the holidays. Hope yours were great.

I keep reading about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce. It doesn’t seem to go away. I’m no fan of Brad’s. He’s a pill, but she seems so intent on punishing him. And I’m wondering why. And the answer is startling.

Brad is a Sagittarius Sun with four planets in Capricorn including his Moon. So he’s difficult as you know if you read my blogs. Cap Moon equals difficult. Jupiter squares all those Cap planets so his relating principle is off. He is very well liked — they’re charming — but in relationships, social cues are often missed.

Angelina is a Gemini with Moon/Mars/Jupiter in Aries which squares Brad’s Capricorn planets. They are going to clash. But where? It appears from Angelina’s chart that she has recently gone through a square from her predictive Sun to predictive Jupiter. That’s money. I believe underlying all this animosity is a squabble about money. Brad is being cheap probably to drive her crazy. And it’s working. I don’t know if you’re reading what I’m reading, but I was shocked she wants money from him when she can so easily do a film and get money herself. But she does. And the reason is to get back at him. And he did it to get back at her. Welcome to the world of relationships.

Brad also has a love aspect so he may find someone before she does. And, again, that would do nothing but make her more angry.

Bottom line, this was a bad relationship from the start. But really good for publicity. So I hope it was worth it. I’m really getting into nice guys. This game playing will suck the life out of you.

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No, really. I don’t make this stuff up. Wendy Williams has a Scorpio Moon. It’s trending. I can’t stop it. This is seriously one of the worst things a person can have in a chart. It’s just difficult to the max to navigate. And for Wendy, a former crack addict, it’s hell, literally.

She’s in trouble. Recently we found out that her husband who works on her show is seeing a younger woman who lives down the street. Then, which happened first? Wendy lost a ton of weight and fainted on air. So what do we think Wendy is up to?

Here’s what I know for sure. She just had predictive Mars conjunct her natal Sun. Remember that this causes you to question everything about yourself. It’s over, but predictive Mercury opposition Saturn isn’t. Wendy also has a Venus/Mars conjunction natally and both planets are focal planets — not loving yourself and being a bulldozer. And this surprises me, but Mercury, verbally abusive, is also a focal planet. She’s no picnic to be around. And right now, she’s impossible. Coming up is a positive Jupiter aspect, but she has to get there. Wendy, babe, rehab. Immediately. No time to waste.

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He’s kinda sexy? Right? It’s the Scorpio Moon. Another high-profile person who has it. So there must be some correlation between being in the public and the Scorpio Moon. Wonder what that is? So Michael Avenatti got charged with domestic violence. Did he do it?

Michael is an Aquarius, normally a very passive, humanitarian sign. But he has this Scorpio Moon, a placement that makes the owner emotionally uncomfortable pretty much all the time. The Moon does not like being in this sign because it doesn’t fit the characteristics of the Moon. Another red flag is his Mercury is a focal planet (two planets oppose and the focal planet squares both) which means he is verbally abusive. I’d steer clear of this one. In my experience, it’s every time.

This is all I need to know to believe that it is likely Michael Avenatti did abuse someone or definitely could.

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You haven’t lived until you have spent time around a chain-smoker. Meg Ryan, America’s Sweetheart, is marrying John Mellencamp. And it couldn’t be more stupid. The smoking thing alone! It takes about a week living with a chain smoker to start coughing. The second hand smoke is more toxic than the smoke itself. This is suicide. And there’s more.

Meg Ryan is a Scorpio, of course. The sweet gorgeous ones always are. She has three other planets, Mercury, Neptune and Venus also in Scorpio giving her a stellium. And her natal Jupiter squares them all — which is a sign she doesn’t understand social cues. Yeah, getting that. But besides being a difficult Scorpio with Capricorn rising, her predictive chart sucks. Is she desperate and looking for a man to save her? That I would understand, because this is a tough time. But her picker’s off. Currently she has her Venus, her love life, square to her Moon. That’s enough to not marry. Emotionally she’s an empty hole. You have to be careful what you fill it up with. Her predictive Sun is also sitting on top of natal Saturn. Not fun — a restrictive period. You’re just not feeling like you’ve got it all going. Then finally her predictive Mercury is squaring her natal Mercury/Neptune. Is someone lying to her? Taking advantage of her? Well, yes. She’s not in a space to be making good decisions. And didn’t she already break up with Mellencamp once? Smokers are drug addicts. They also usually have a bunch of other addictive behaviors. Just so questionable.

John Mellencamp might be the nicest person alive. He’s a Libra and they are charmers. And again a stellium. But Libra is the sign of passive/aggressive — which means passive anger. Really if you are blowing smoke into someone’s face, aren’t you hurting them? Do you care? Yes you are. And no you don’t. And it pains me to say it, but his Moon is Capricorn. Not all connections are good ones. His chart is in much better shape than hers with predictive Sun sextile Neptune. But in a couple of years, he has predictive Mars conjuncting natal Sun and later Saturn. He could get sick. He’s sixty-seven. He’s a mess.

Even if this is about money. It’s not worth it. Nothing is more important than your health. Meg needs friends now that tell her the truth. Or read this blog. I’m posting it to Meg’s Twitter/Instagram.

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“Okay, I know, the Xtrology method didn’t work last time, but assuming the world rights itself, this is the guy that should win, Gavin Newsom. He has the rhetoric, the looks and the chart. Now, how could that go wrong?

Currently Gavin Newsom is the Lieutenant Governor of California and he’s running for Governor of California in 2018. And he’s going to win. California is California. We’re not crazy yet. The question is can he be president. I say, “Yes!”

Gavin is a Libra Sun with Virgo rising. I like this rising sign, because these people are so smart. They don’t miss anything. His Venus, Uranus and Pluto are also in Virgo. Smart and detailed. His Mars is in global Sagittarius — good for foreign relations and good for immigration. He does have that Capricorn Moon and as a focal planet. So he’s not perfect. But I wonder, is a little meanness in the president a plus. Does he need that? I doubt it, but I’m looking for a good rationalization.

And here’s the ticket, he has predictive Jupiter trine predictive Saturn. And because these are slow moving planets, it will still be there in 2020.

What made me look at him? I was watching “Real Time” with Bill Maher and I saw a person who embodied the part — who made sense. Now that’s a novel idea. Then I found a You Tube where Bill says Gavin should be the next president. And, as I said, he has it all. Donald. No Donald. If Gavin runs, and he might not, he should win.”


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UPDATE: Gavin Newsom was elected in November 2018 to be the next governor of California.


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I don’t believe I’ve ever blogged about a movie, but once in awhile you see something that makes you know you are in the presence of greatness. The movie, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, isn’t perfect. It could have gone a lot further into Freddie Mercury’s life. But if you want to know how these earth shattering songs were written, if you want to know how the greatness happened, see this movie. It will give you an evening of powerful music and whatever you’re going through, it will give you strength.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer, was a Virgo with Virgo rising. I wouldn’t have guessed that, because he was a wild child. He was a 12th House (Pisces house) Sun so that gives him the sensitivity that was a huge part of his personality. His Moon was Sagittarius and you can spot these people across a room — they don’t bullshit and don’t bullshit them. They will cut you, bitch! Freddie didn’t mess around. His Venus was in Libra so that doesn’t really tell me where his crazy sexuality came from although it is conjunct Mars which can mean homosexuality — confusion — despite being gay, he had a long term girlfriend who he left all his money to. Overall he was a mixed up jumble of a person, but from this came gigantic talent. Freddie wasn’t normal and neither was his music. Rarely do I see an artistic work that makes me want to cry, but I could have downright sobbed.

I hope you’ll see this movie. And I hope you walk away knowing we all possess genius. Dig it up. We can do better. And VOTE!

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I’m on a rant about this lately because I think people are using being politically correct to censor. Criticism is a very important part of the political process. Someone says something and you disagree. You may punish the person by not talking to them again or by not watching their show, but you do not unilaterally decide they are wrong. Because it just as important why they think what they do as what they said. Was it just naive? Or is it ugly? I want to ask her. I want her to feel free to tell the truth.

Megan apparently said on her show that when she was a kid, it was common to darken your face for a Halloween costume. That’s all I can find. But is that in itself racism? Or did she say more, because I can’t find it. It’s a costume. And it did happen. And I wouldn’t pick it, but, well, I can imagine an instance where it isn’t racist at all. And then I can totally understand why someone would think it is. But that’s what I mean. Let’s talk about it. Worse things happened. And we’re not still doing it. Isn’t that just part of our history — and talking about it keeps us from repeating it? I just don’t want to see corporations deciding, because behind corporations is always money. I’m back to saying this is censorship just like cancelling Roseanne was. And both are NBC which just fired a predator, Les Moonves.

But we’re here about astrology. What happened to Megyn’s fortunate Jupiter chart that allowed this to happen? This is classic. Really good for anyone studying astrology. Positive Jupiter, which was protecting her, was exactly over October 25th, 2018. Jupiter 28 Scorpio 38 and Venus 29 Scorpio 38. Exactly one degree past which allows for the predictive Mercury square Pluto (which had been there for three years) to kick in as Jupiter was no longer there to protect. Mercury is your reputation. So all the things she had said — added up. And while I don’t agree to the severity, it’s the reason all things don’t make sense. It’s astrology. And you may not like it, but you can’t argue with it. And sometimes you need to shut up, because you can’t get away with nothin’.

Sorry Megyn, you need an astrologer. That’s why everyone does. Many times clients come in and not much is going on, but when something is, you need that knowledge ahead of time — especially if your $69 million job depends on it. I hear Megyn’s trying to get the entire amount paid out and that she has some blackmail. This isn’t the best time. It would have been much smarter to leave while still in Jupiter. Her bargaining power would have been much stronger. Let’s see if Fox takes her back. If I were her, I would be worried. She’s no longer The Golden Child. Been there. One day you’re in, the next you’re out.

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Crazy right? Kanye at the White House using foul language? Just wrong. Let’s show some respect for the office if that is still possible.

So what’s up with him? Because you have to wonder. His predictive chart — not so bad. And remember Kavanaugh’s wasn’t — so nothing happened. But I’m looking somewhere else for Kanye — his transits. Normally, as you know, I don’t. Transits are for amateurs. But this time something big has happened. Uranus changed signs — which it only does every eight years or so as there are retrogrades that slow it down and cause it to go back or back into the former sign. And even then it would only be an event if that retrograde landed on one of Kanye’s planets. It does. It’s his Venus — his romantic life. Uranus is traditionally the divorce planet.

So this is how astrology works. You have a situation where the partner is acting up — in a way that would make you question your relationship. And then you have Uranus changing signs to conjunct natal Venus. Remember that Kim is operating under one of the longest positive Jupiter aspects that we have ever seen in our lifetimes. So her life just continues to go well. She isn’t dealing with the ups and downs that plaque most of us. So we’re not going to look to her. We’re going to stay with Kanye and the fact that he has DIVORCE written all over him.

Uranus will retrograde early November and not return to Taurus (where his Venus is) until March of next year. So this may take a little bit of time and then it may not. Kim can act on it now or wait. That’s free will. Astrology is simply the nature of the energy around you. And as I said, it’s changing. But Kanye needs to get himself ready. All this craziness isn’t helping but this astrology aspect was going to happen anyway. I think Kim wanted to have her kids with one man. In my mind, that’s how she thinks. And she’s finished now so Kanye is disposable. It’s the brand, you know.

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