This video speaks for itself. Yes, I said Dr. Oz may have/probably harmed animals. But sometimes the message is more important than it’s source.

The definition of angeogensis is the process of developing new blood vessels. Therefore starving cancer’s ability to form new blood vessels could be important to “curing” cancer. Certain proteins, including angiostatin and endostatin, secreted by tumors work by interfering with the blood supply tumors need. Angiostatin is a piece of a larger and very common protein, plasminogen, that the body uses in blood clotting. Endostatin is a piece of a different protein, collagen 18, that is in all blood vessels. Anti-angiogenesis, the “starving’ of deadly cancer cells, is a groundbreaking cancer-fighting strategy.

Dr. Oz, “…a microscopic tumor given a steady influx of blood can grow up to 60,000 times it’s original size in as little as two weeks.

Autopsy studies of car accident victims..show that 40% of women, age 40-50 has microscopic cancer…and 50% of men, ages 50-60 have microscopic prostate cancer…by the time your are in your 70′s…almost 100% of us will have microscopic cancer in our thyroid gland. So we can live with cancer. It doesn’t have to kill us. So the question is how do you starve it?”

The 5 anti-cancer foods:

1. Bok Choy. This type of Chinese cabbage contains brassinin also found in broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. Three 1/2 cup servings a week.

2. Cooked Tomatoes. This fruit has lycopene. Heating the tomato changes its chemical structure and makes the benefits more readily available to your body. Two-three 1/2 cup servings a week.

3. Flounder. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury. Three 6-ounce servings a week

4. Strawberries. The antioxidants in this berry help fight cancers. One cup daily including the juice.

5. Artichokes. There are three different cancer-fighting molecules in this flower. One fourth cup of hearts per day.

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